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by Yote
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Transformation in a world of wizardcraft and witchery
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Chapter #17


    by: Yote
Tieflings are creatures native to Tamoria who are mostly human, yet with the blood of demons running in their veins. Also known colloquially (and somewhat pejoratively) as 'hellspawn' or 'sinspawn', they are often distrusted and feared for this unnatural lineage.

Tieflings vary greatly in individual appearance from one another, depending not only on the ethnicity of the human parent but also the type of the fiendish parent. They can have horns, greatly varying skin colors, hooves for feet, tails, unusual eyes, and so on. These variances mean that two tieflings born from two different fiends might have vast differences in appearance.

Their demonic ancestry dictates that most Tieflings are drawn to and energised by situations of physical and emotional excesses as the energy given off by mortals in such heightened states is subtly addictive to them. Tieflings are often pulled into lives of violence and sin because of this, but equally they may be attracted to beings of great virtue. Additionally, unlike their forebears, their human aspect makes them capable of feeding upon each other. Put two Tiefling together for any length of time and they will (quite unconsciously) begin to goad each other towards greater and greater heights of avarice, violence, lust and all the other delightful things that Tiefling love to be in the vicinity of.

This natural tendency towards decadence and internal strife has seen the end of nearly all of the kingdoms Tiefling have tried to carve out for themselves over the centuries, and for the most part they are content to exist among mortals, often in the shadows.


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