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  1. Let the transformation begin!
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You transform into a monster or just an anthro from a lab experiment gone wrong.
Chapter 1

Let the transformation begin!

    by: Clever_man   More by this author
You start working on your project in studying what certain animal traits are. "Damn, this job is boring" you mumble to yourself. You really couldn't find any other job out there; this was the only job available at the time.

You sigh for a bit while actually not paying attention to what your doing. You hear loud bubbling and hissing "um, whoops" you say as you see the flask start to bubble and glow. "uh oh" *BOOOOOM!* you wake up from the freak explosion 5 minutes later.

"I really got to be more careful next time" You say gracefully to yourself. You rub your head and shake yourself out of the daze you went through and slowly walk back to the table you were just at but not before passing by a big mirror first. You look into it first and freak out.
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