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Harry and his friends experience muscle growth and many other transformations!
Chapter 1


    by: scriptboy   More by this author
Ron Weasley walked into the library looking for a book on spells and potions. The large library was divided up in many sections and the section on spells and potions was located in the far back, against the wall. Not only was this one of the largest sections, but also one of the oldest. These were among the oldest books in the library, with layers of dust on them.

As Ron walked towards the back, he spotted Harry, standing on a ladder, removing books from the shelves and stacking them on a pile next to him.

"What are you doing?" Ron asked him.

"I spilled a potion in Professor Snape's class this morning... And he made me clean up the shelves in this section and dust off the books..." Harry answered, as he blew a cloud of dust off a big, thick book.

"Ugh... Harry! All that dust!" Ron coughed.

"Well, come and give me a hand! Then I'll be done faster!"

"You're the one who got punished, not me!" Ron grumbled, as he started removing books from the lower shelf.

"I'm almost done! Besides... Some of these books are really fascinating!" Harry responded. "I found books on fire-breathing, on metal-changing, on color-changing-potions, on... Ohhh!"

"What?" Ron asked him.

"I found a secret compartment behind this shelf, in the wall!"

Harry opened a trap door in the wall, uncovering a secret compartment containing a small box.

"What is it?"

"I found a box... Let me open it... It's long and narrow... Ohh COOL!" Harry gasped, as he uncovered the lid from the box. "A book... and a wand!"

"Let me see!" Ron said, as he took the box from Harry.

Harry quickly dusted the shelves before he placed all the books back on the shelves, in order. Then he got off the ladder, and dusted all the other shelves quickly. He returned all the books to the empty shelves and told Ron to come up to his room.

There, they examined the box, the book, and the wand...
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