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  1. And so it begins
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A magic laptop lets you edit other people
Chapter 1

And so it begins

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You were on your way home when you caught a glimpse of smooth silver metal poking out of a nearby trash can. You were curious so you pulled it out. It was a seemingly undamaged macbook. You decided it would be well worth it if you could get it working, so you put it in your bag and carried it home. You hurried inside when you got there and made a beeline for your room. You locked the door and retrieved the macbook from your bag. You set it on the desk and turned it on, but instead of the Apple logo on the OS loading screen, it was two turning gears. When it loaded, there was no desktop system or log-in screen. It just said 'New User Detected. Confirm Identity.' You thought it was odd, but you searched yourself up. You found that there was a profile for everyone on this computer. You found your profile and clicked on 'Set As User'. The screen read 'Welcome to iControl. Start Searching For People You Know Right Away.' There were five links on the page:

-Search Schools

-Search Workplace

-Search Geographical Area

-Search Celebrities

-View Personal Profile
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