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  1. The Beginning
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Humanity has an interesting relationship with another race. 4,780+ Views
Chapter #1

The Beginning

    by: BIG BAD WOLF Happy July 4th!
The city was a bustling place. People went about their days, going to work, going to school, going shopping, or going home. Then there was the museums, restaurants, theaters, and other entertainments.

Sometimes, however, they didn't make it to their destination. This could be blamed on the usual reasons for some, like an accident, a change in plans due to meeting a friend, or perhaps, on rare occasions, due to being the victim of a crime. Other times however, it was because a human got eaten by a Reptilian.

It was perfectly legal for a Reptilian to eat a human, providing that they followed a few basic rules. For the most part, a Reptilian had to get permission from the human in order to eat them. If the human said "No", then the Reptilian wasn't allowed to eat them, but they could exchange contact information, just in case the human changed their mind. If the human said "Yes", the Reptilian could eat the human, but if the human changed their mind, this request had to be followed, even if the human was already in the Reptilian's stomach. The only times that permission wasn't needed was if the human had been declared Legal Prey, or had been caught trying to commit a violent crime against another. In any case, in the event of a Consumption, the Authorities had to be notified, so that the human could be declared dead, and, if the human had been Eligible Prey or Hospital Food, the Reptilian was required to start paying off any financial debts that the human might have owed.

In any case, a Reptilian could only claim up to twelve Eligible Prey per year. That being said, there was no limit on those classified as Hospital Food, who were suffering from terminal illnesses or required extensive life support systems, nor those declared Legal Prey, who had committed violent crimes against their fellow people. Likewise, if they came across a dead body that, after a proper investigation on if the death was from foul play, accident, or natural causes, was found to have no Designated Predator, they could claim the body. Likewise, if someone that they had been declared a Designated Predator for died, they could claim that body as well. Of course, if human meat wasn't on the menu, there was always beef, pork, goat, sheep, and other large animals, which made up the main diet of the Reptilians anyways, along with some fruit and vegetables.

What to follow as?

You have the following choices:

1. A Reptilian

2. An Eligible Prey Human

3. A Hospital Food Human

4. An Ineligible Prey Human

5. A Legal Prey Human

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