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  1. It's Laundry Day!
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shrunk down to only 1inch while doing the laundry, you survive while being washed and worn
Chapter 1

It's Laundry Day!

    by: Lumber Panda   More by this author
it's the middle of summer and your at home doing chores. you don't have a job at the moment and are about to move away in a month so you don't have much choice in the matter. your biggest responsibility around the house is doing the laundry. you've had this duty for a few years now and are quite good at it - you can even iron clothes! the rest of the family just doesn't have time for this so usually 3-4 days a week you're doing a few load. as you can image living with 6 people (one of them being a baby) produces a lot of dirty laundry.

since most everyone just throws their clothes into the laundry room hamper, it is often your task to go through it and sort according to colors, delicates, and baby clothes. sometimes you go into the other rooms to get stuff up off the floor but not usually. the only one you have to go get is the dirty laundry out of the nursery, which Emily frequently forgets to bring to you. unfortunately, rebecca also uses cloth diapers that are kept in a diaper pail next to the changing table (your sister claims they are better for the environment and cheaper than disposables - whatever). these and the rest of Rebecca's clothes are washes in a seperate washer as to not contaminate the other clothes.

you're usually able to keep it to 1-2 loads depending but lately youve been slacking off. you brought all of the laundry into the laundry room and began sorting them out by darks, delicates, whites/socks/underwear, towels and bedding, baby clothes, etc. you turn on the washer, pouring detergent and begin loading one of the piles up when suddenly you feel dizzy. you begin fallin forward and next thing you know you feel like you are in free fall as you literly shrink in mid air! you fall right into the washer full of clothes and black out.

when you come to, you find your self floating on some clothes inside the washer. the washer is open so the cycle won't start until the lid closes. you realize rather quickly that you need to get out of here before some does such a thing! suddenly you hear a voice - it's your mother! she tosses some clothes into one of the piles on the ground, turns around and notices the washer full of clothes and water. "hmm, I wonder where he went off to?!" she remarks. you yell at her but she can't hear you! suddenly she closes the lid but before she does you glance around at the clothes and realize your in the load of
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