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  1. Starting out, again
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You get isekai'd into a fictional world. What happens next is up to you.
Chapter 1

Starting out, again

    by: John GoodHorse   More by this author
You are Anon. It is late in the afternoon, going walking down the street by your house. Just another boring and ordinary day.

You hate it. How you'd do anything to escape the dullness of your current life and do something exciting for once. Unfortunately for you, your plea is has not gone unheard. You will get your wish. But at a cost.

You hear the loud horn of an eight-wheeler blast in the air which shouldn't have frightened you. Yet, it did. Something about that horn felt wrong, disturbing you deeply on a primal level. You turn you head to see the truck it originated from, and you entered a state of terror you previously never experienced before. The truck that had an otherworldly aura was speeding your way. You just knew instinctively that the driver, if there is one, is deadset on mowing you down.

Tried as you might, your legs can not outrun Truck-Kun, the heavenly 18-wheeler and lord of all trucks. You never had a chance. The divine Kenworth T680 catches up to you.

You wake up in a grey void where you're the only living thing in this void. This isn't the afterlife you think. You heard the horn of Truck-Kun again, and many portals open in front of you. You are tossed into one of the portals by an unseen force. What portal are you flung into?
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