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  1. Who will Grow?
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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Comedy · #1901809
An expansion interactive on the famous gag manga about baking
Chapter 1

Who will Grow?

    by: Silverfighter   More by this author
Ok, let's go over the cast choices:

1: Kazuma Azuma: A savant of baking who has been working and self-teaching himself of famous baking methods since he was little. Born with the "Hands of the Sun", his naturally warm digits can ferment the dough faster and better than normal bakers. Not exactly the sharpest guy around though...

2: Tsukino: The second (and illegimate daughter) of the son of the founder and owner of Pantasia. She is the current president and harbors a crush on Azuma.

3: Kyosuke Kawachi: A less than talented baker with a lot of guts and a sharp taste (leading to many ridicolous reactions). Known to scream, "What do you mean?!" a lot. Trained himself to have the "Gauntlets of Sun", hands that have been warmed through muscle training.

4: Shigeru Kanmuri: A genius food scientist and baker with a mastery of yeast. Also has a pretty face that looks Tsukino's close up.

But we have more if none of these are for you
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Kazuma Azuma

2.   Tsukino

3.   Kyosuke Kawachi

4.   Shigeru Kanmuri

5.   More. Let's move to other characters

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