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  1. A New Beggining
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You have the super power to shrink in a world full of super powered women.
Chapter 1

A New Beggining

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You look out the window of your new house overlooking Yorktropolis. Your house is hidden, carved within a mountain overlooking the city which glows brightly in the night. You were a business man who amassed an insane amount of wealth and even used your powers to steal information/materials to beat out the competition. You reached the top and became so bored that you decided to "retire" and move to this new city which was always on the news, for better or worse, to live a life of adventure and maybe even cause some mischief. You are the only man in the universe with super powers! You can survive just about anything, Though you feel every bit of it and it will force you to shrink until you recover. You can even choose to shrink yourself down to a couple inches and with your wealth you have plenty of gadgets to help you get around. As of now nobody knows you have super powers and no heroes or villains have heard of you.

"This is perfect" You think to yourself "This is the place to be, a city with action!" you walk to your hidden chamber and grab a suit called "Black Gecko."
It's basically a black spider-man suit that changes size with you and has textured gloves and boots that let you cling to walls and sides that stretch out to help you glide but only while shrunken. You put on the suit and step out onto your balcony. "Time to check out my new city!" You say excitedly and with a bit of arrogance as you shrink down and leap off the edge of your cliff-side home making your way down to Yorktropolis! You are planing to make your way to the main center which is supposed to be a great area with tons of things to see.

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