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  1. A Knock at the Door
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A beautiful 18 year old girl takes a job babysitting a 14 year old boy. Mischief ensues
Chapter 1

A Knock at the Door

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You hear a knock at the door. You open it, and in the doorway stands a beautiful young woman. She was a 5'7" blonde, with blue eyes, an hourglass figure and DD breasts. She was wearing brown boots, blue jeans, a pink sleeveless top and an unzipped lime green hoodie. She didn't have a lot of makeup on, but more than you would expect a girl going to babysit to put on, and her hair was long and wavy. You turn towards the kitchen.

"Mom, the babysitter is here." you call, and run upstairs

You close the door behind you upon entering your room. You check your hiding places and make sure everything is still there. You have the wand, the key to the potions lab, and several other magical trinkets. You pocketed a few of the trinkets, put the wand up your sleeve, and hung the key around your neck and dropped it down the inside of your shirt. You then went downstairs to see your mother finish giving the babysitter instructions.

"And that should be everything. If you have any concerns, give me a call." said Mrs. Bennett

"I've got it." said the babysitter

"Good. Bye sweetie, I love you." she said

"Bye Mom, love you too." you replied

The front door closed behind her, and now the fun could begin.
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