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Sokka, from Avatar, gains the power to make girls his love-slaves. How will he use it?
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Chapter 3

All of the Above

    by: EvilFuzzy9   More by this author
All at once, as the four girls stared in wonderment at Sokka's boomerang, the fighting came to a stop. Azula ceased her pursuit of Aang, mesmerized by the light coming from the sharply curved throwing club. Mai, Katara, and Ty Lee all stood stock still, staring up at the sky, no longer seeming to care about anything but the boomerang flying in the air.

They followed its trajectory as it sailed through the sky in a curving arc, turning in midair to fly back towards its thrower. The light which shone about the boomerang seemed to be mingling of the sunlight, which glinted off its keenly polished surface, and some other, subtler radiance, which seemed to emanate from the weapon itself. It was like the substance of the implement was imbued with woven moonbeams, which glimmered in the daylight and danced across their vision.

It was such a fascinating, entrancing sight, and Katara, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai to a one followed the flight of the boomerang with rapt attentiveness. All they could see was the boomerang. Something about the way it glinted and gleamed and revolved in the air seemed to just draw in their attention, like a whirlpool pulling leaves across the surface of the water, before finally dragging them down into its heart.

And the moment the four girls were dragged down was when they saw the hand which caught the boomerang, and suddenly the captivating luminescence which had seemed to proceed from the weapon now appeared to flow down the hand, and the arm, and suddenly the four girls could see, regardless of their perspective, the full form of the boomerang's master, and they were awestruck.

They saw Sokka now, who seemed to their eyes to emanate a soft, ethereal glow, and it felt like he was the only thing they could see, the only thing they WANTED to see. They were ensnared, enthralled, enchanted.

All they could think of was wanting to serve this incredible, otherworldly man, this amazing specimen of some superhuman breed, so perfect and captivating and dominating.

They were his.

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