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by CandaK
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You are treated as if you were a baby
Chapter 1


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So, the scenario's to start are:

1) Planet of the Giantesses
In this scenario, you are either an astronaut who crash landed on a planet full of giantesses or you are part of a group of volunteers for a new teleportation device. Either way, you end up on a planet where a full grown adult of earth is only the size of a baby of the natives.

2) Baby toy
A mother wishes that she could find a playmate for her 2 year old daughter and comes across a shrink/growth ray. She uses this device on you and tells you that you are her daughter's 24 hour playmate and that she will treat you like you were the same age as her daughter is.

3) Girlfriend needs a new "big boy"
Your girlfriend has a way(remote, shrink ray, inherent powers, etc.) to manipulate the size of people and she uses this to, either, shrink you down to size to be her baby or grows herself to 20 feet tall to baby you at the proportionate size she would need to be. Another choice is that your girlfriend convinces/blackmails you into wearing diapers diapers and mothering you to be her baby

4) Babysitter mess up
Being only 3 feet tall, you live with your mother and baby siblings. Your mother goes out of town for a week and hires a baby sitter to take care of 'her babies'. However, the babysitter thinks that you are one of them and starts to treat you as if you were their age.

5) Other
Additional ideas for extra story ideas
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Planet of the Giantesses

2.   Baby Toy

3.   Girlfriend's new 'Big Boy'

4.   Babysitter messes up

5.   Other

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