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  1. Money, Sexy Women, and Wrestling
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WWE starts a new Tournament using shrunk new talent managed by giantess size Divas.
Chapter 1

Money, Sexy Women, and Wrestling

    by: Shrunk316   More by this author
Breaking into the wrestling industry is tough. Getting yourself noticed by big companies is the ultimate goal; however, sometimes opportunity strikes out of the blue. You have been wrestling as Alpha for awhile now. You wear red and black ring gear and blur the lines between a heel and a face (bad guy, good guy). Every small event you performed at, you always get a huge reaction from the crowd. One night after winning a match, a talent scout approachs you.

"You are the wrestler Alpha are you not?" Asked the man in the suit.
"Yes, why do you ask?"
"WWE is looking for great independent wrestlers for a special tournament. You will be given a choice of a manager from this list I have here." He pulls out the list and hands it to you. "If you check one of the boxes and sign you name, you will be able to participate."

You start reading the list and notice all of them are current and former Divas. There were nine left to choose from.

AJ Lee
Trish Stratus
The Bella Twins (Both will manage one)
Eve Torres
Rosa Mendes
Michelle McCool

You think it over and decide that this tournament is your big break. You choose *Choice* and sign immediately.

"Do you need anymore information sir on the shrinking procedure or rules of the managers?"
"What?" You say confused.
"Its on the back of the contract, do not worry though you will figure it out soon."

The man brushes by you and you feel a sting on your arm.

"What in the Fu..........." You then collapse.


You awake in a dark room with a pounding headache. After taking your time recovering from whatever happened, the "roof" opens to the face of *Choice*.
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4.   Rosa Mendes

5.   More

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