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  1. A new beginning
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A school for anthro creatures with a special major "sexual prowess and research."
Chapter 1

A new beginning

    by: DahDuhNah   More by this author
After a few days of travel, you have arrived at Parallax University. An impressive and expansive building nestled on a privately owned lot in the city. Your letter directed you to a specialized reception area for your major program away from normal reception. You assumed it was because of the unusual nature of the program. You did not know the city that well, so had decided to live on the campus using your program's roommate matching.

You enter reception to find a very pretty fox woman sitting behind the desk. She looks up and smiles before speaking. "Welcome to Parallax University's Sexual Prowess and Research program. Could I have your name?"

"Trajan," you answer.

"All right," she says, pulling up a file and handing you a form. "Just fill this out and we will get you a room."

You look at the form and find it to be standard information. The first line asks for your species.
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