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Daniel Andrews has just gotten a game that allows him to experience the lives of girls.

Daniel Andrews has just gotten a game that allows him to experience the lives of girls.

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Co-created with Scifiwizard and Sentinel!

The Reality Game, where one can explore multiple different lives. There are two versions of this game; one for boys and another for girls. Each version contains different lives that the player can explore. Here are some rules for the game:

1. The game changes reality for whoever goes into it, going right into the new life selected. There are several choices for each.
2. The player can save his or her progress to a thumb-drive and load it into another person's game in their home, allowing them to switch families in the altered reality.
3. Points earned in the game can be changed into cash in the altered reality that can be taken back with the player into his or her original reality.
4. Goals are set for each reality. For the football player, winning the national championships For the cheerleader, winning the national cheer leading competition.
5.Prolonged use of a single reality will cause the player to lose his or her memory and believe the altered reality is his or her own. (Much like becoming addicted to a game to the point you think you live in it.)
6. A female character can not return to her original reality if she becomes pregnant until the child is born. A male character can not return to his original reality if he gets a girl pregnant until the child is born.
7. Other setbacks will be power failure, damage to the controller or game system, a forgotten password, etc. Such a thing could result in the player being stuck in the game until further notice.

One day, Daniel Andrews receives a version of the game. The female version, to be exact. Unfortunately for him, it will land him in a very unusual situation.


Daniel Andrews: 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. Short dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. A bit shy but also friendly with some friends.

Sophie Andrews: 14 years old and Daniel's little sister. Blonde hair past her shoulders with blue eyes. A typical little sister and a bit mischivious. Curious in seeing what her big brother would be like as a girl.

Toby Andrews: 7 years old and Daniel's little brother. Short brown hair with green eyes. Typical little brother.

Well, the rest of the rules are simple, really.

1. Keep it PG-13!
2. You can have sex, but not descriptive and try not to have too much.
3. Keep language PG-13 and also keep it tame (like not cursing every sentence)
4. Keep the story going and no killing the characters.
5. Try to make it a good length if possible.

Most importantly, have fun and write good! Write well! Write...just be awesome!
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