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A teenage boy gets the ability to swap body parts using clothing.
Chapter 1

The First Chapter

    by: Hamhelth123   More by this author
Clearance Sale! New, unworn clothing! Straight out of the box! “Oh look honey,” said my mother, “We should look around for clothes for you and your sister.” The store was pretty empty since it was early on a Saturday morning, but that didn’t stop my mother from dragging me out of bed and to the mall for some shopping. Mostly these trips consisted of my mother picking out terrible outfits for me, almost intentionally, while your dad fled to the hardware store or wherever a grown man finds enjoyment in a mall. The only person in my family who got anything out of these family trips was my little sister, which was no surprise considering she always got everything she wanted. After a little browsing, my mother picked out a white button down blouse. “Here, honey, you should try this on, you need some new dress clothes.”
“Mom, that’s not a men’s shirt, they must have put it on the wrong rack,” I said.
“Nonsense,” my mother responded, “Go on now, there’s a dressing room right there.” At this point in my life I’ve learned better than to attempt to fight back, so I take the blouse and go off to the dressing room.
“Dear, why is our son walking into the dressing room with a blouse?” said my father, happening upon us.
“Well, he is always such a spoilsport on these trips, so I just thought that this would be a funny little punishment for him. Just play along.”
Inside the dressing room I was looking in the mirror at my pitiful body. For a 16 year old boy I am horribly undeveloped. First off, I’m short and chubby with tiny little arms and legs. I have a little muscle but it is buried deep under my sagging stomach. My face always has a couple of pimples, generally on my giant nose or under my scruffy facial hair that refuses to grow beyond dirty whiskers. My hair is short right now, but I’ve tried different styles and nothing works with my pudgy, round face and my huge forehead (my sister calls it an “eight” head). I have real squinty eyes that are an ugly, dull green color and I recently have started wearing contacts.
So here I was, standing in the middle of this dressing room with no shirt holding this girly white blouse. I knew I couldn’t just pretend to put it on so that left only one option. I turned around so I wouldn’t have to see myself and quickly put it on to try and make it less painful, like ripping off a Band-Aid. “This is stupid. I bet I look like a girl,” I said as I turned around to complete surprise.
In the mirror I saw a girl. She looked similar to my little sister but older. She had straight red hair and was fairly tall for a girl. She had lots of freckles all over her body and had shining emerald green eyes that were beautiful. She had a slim figure for a teenage girl that looked perfect in the white blouse. She had petite breasts and had very little fat at all. She had tight jeans on her long legs, the white blouse, white socks, and sneakers. “Darling, why don’t you come out and show us?” said my mother from the outside.
“That’s odd,” I thought. My mother always called me honey, where as my sister was darling. And with that thought I calmly turned around and took off the shirt and put my own back on. But when I looked back in the mirror, it was just plain old me. At this point I was seriously spooked. I had somehow seemingly turned into a girl and back, but stranger my mother had called me a different nickname. That wouldn’t be that strange for most people, but my family was especially careful about our nicknames and no one ever got confused.

When I came out of the dressing room, my mother asked, “So, do you want to buy it?”
I knew that this was a prank, but I took a moment to consider it. I was very intrigued by the mysterious change so I decided that maybe I should buy it so I can further test. In my best nonchalance attitude I said, “Sure.” My mother was at this point very confused, but she bought anyways. Now I was a fan of magic and fiction, so I had some tests that I wanted to run, but I couldn’t do them with my family around. “Hey, Mom can I go out and shop by myself?”
My mother seemed to feel that she had pained me enough today and said, “Yes honey, just meet back at our usual spot by noon.”
Then, I separated from my family and discreetly headed towardsThe department store. Quickly I started walking towards the dressing rooms as I passed only one woman, a tall, skinny brunette. She had just left the dressing room where I saw a beautiful red dress that I knew was going to be my next test.


Taking the dress I went into the empty dressing room and stripped down to my underwear. After a few minutes, I figured out how to put the dress on and then I looked in the mirror. I expected to see a female looking back at me, but all I saw was scrawny me in an ill-fitting dress.
“I wonder why I didn’t change like before. Maybe this family shopping has finally driven me insane. The only thing that is feminine is that this dress makes me look like I have breasts.” Then, before my eyes the front of the dress seemed to push out in the chest area and I felt a slight change in weight on the front of my torso. Now my reading payed off as I realized that maybe there was a trigger word, but there was only one way to find out. "I look like I have her legs."
Before my eyes, I grew several inches and gained the beautiful legs of the girl I had seen before. With that test done I only had one test left. "Now I look like a girl." Having thought about this, I figured I would turn back into the redhead from before, which must have been my female form, but instead I took on the appearance of the brunette woman.
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