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a teen with an unusual condition tries to make it through the day, will he survive?
Chapter 1

Our Story Begins

    by: Kentwolf   More by this author
This story is based off the Characters created by Derpatron with his permission. it is five years after the events of his story based off one of the story threads i took a liking to the most.

You are 14 year-old Jack Harper. You were born with a squishy, putty-like body. While this makes you practically immortal, it also means you're extremely weak, constantly getting squashed and flattened by almost everything. Things really started getting bad when you started school, after which your mother pulled you out the first chance she got. You seem to be able to take an awful lot of punishment. Getting smooshed doesn't really hurt you. In fact, you could be melted into a puddle and still be fine. You still hate it nonetheless. You're kind of a geek, often studying on the internet and playing video games. You're almost exactly three feet tall, black hair, and tan skin. You like wearing funny or "awesome" shirts, even though no one usually sees them. Being sheltered most of your life, you don't really know how normal people are supposed to act and often get yourself in trouble. You seem to have stopped growing and you seem to age slower

You have had a lot of misadventures throughout the years. you have been sat on for hours, you have been trodden on and walked about like gum, you have even been mistakenly rubbed into your mothers skin like tanning lotion, somehow you have always survived. you even managed to meet Mary through your misfortunes, and now shes your wonderful but playful girlfriend.

you go to school with her once a week, the rest of the time you stay home for homeschooling, just to limit the dangers of being around hundreds of kids who could stomp you flat.

where does this new chapter of your life begin...
Where will this interactive story go?

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