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  1. The Start of Your Adventure!
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Shrink or grow yourself or others in lots of different scenarios! Anything goes!
Chapter #1

The Start of Your Adventure!

    by: ReducedExpectations
You are at your apartment watching television, when there is a knock at the door. You're home alone, and get up to answer it. When you open the door, you are greeted by two young women in lab coats. One of them is a rather skinny with long, flowing blonde hair, and the other one is shorter and rounder, with shoulder length brown hair and thick black framed glasses. The shorter one says "Excuse me, we're sorry to bother you, but is this Apartment 37-B?" You say that it is, and the taller girl produces a small box and hands it to you. She shoots you a smile and says "You've been selected to test out something for us. We'll be back in a few days to see what you think of it. Have a good day."

And like that the girls turned around, and left you without saying another word. You slowly close the door and walk into the living room with the box, laying it down on the coffee table. You open it up and inside is a thick instruction manual, a few loose papers, and what looks to be some sort of strange battery pack. You lift all of them out of the box, and buried deep in the box appears to be a small handheld device, that looks almost like a miniature handgun. It's got a glowing barrel at the top of it, almost making it look like a compact supersoaker. You hold it in your hands and disregarding the instruction manual, you simply tool around with the various buttons and switches on it. There's a main switch that has a choice between "S" and "G", and a dial that you can turn between 1 and 100%. You turn the gun on and it makes a peculiar whirring sound, before the handle begins to glow.

Cool, you think, holding it carefully in your hands. You loose your grip on it for a second and accidentally pull the trigger, causing a strong green light to shoot out from the barrel and strike the couch across from you! The couch is bathed in a thick green glow, before it seems to push inward, and shoot down to the floor, no bigger than a matchbox. The gun can shrink things! You figure that's what the "S" setting must be for, considering that's what it's switched to, and the dial has been moved to "5%". That explains how the couch got so small!

You marvel at the power you have in your hands, and realize that today could be start of the greatest day of your life! The only question for now is, what should you do first?
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