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Trouble grows when a size controlling device is stolen. (Gift points for chapters!)
Chapter 1


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author: UnderHerToes

Let's just say you weren't exactly invited to the science lab at this early hour of the day, but here you are amongst the various tables of equipment and chemicals. You walk on silent toes while perspiration pools in your pores. You're unsure how many people could be in the building already. There were only a handful of cars in the parking lot when you pulled in, but that could easily have increased to pockets full by now.

You know what you are looking for; you've only been following its theory and progress for months on years under Professor Montana. Miss Rebekah Montana, one of the youngest, brightest physics professors in the country, just twenty-five years old, devoted countless hours and years to this project, and you were always thrilled to overhear any information about it. The unbelievable "matter transposer", a device that could alter the size of any object or person it contacted should be here, in this very college laboratory. Through your piecing together of the puzzle, the physics of the invention remained unclear, but every partial hint gave the suggestion that it is real and that it will work. And there it is!

Resembling sketches the professor failed to hide from your observant inspections, the matter transposer rests on a nearby lab table like any other ordinary piece of equipment. How could she leave such a wonder exposed like this! Good fortune or fate, it waits for you, calling you forward. You stand a moment in awe of what the oddly small device could do. Any of your fantasies could be transferred to reality with this simple, size-changing machine.

The matter transposer presents itself as a compact, silvery cylinder with several lights and a miniature display. A round dial gives the impression of controlling the power and direction, while a short handle and trigger creates a pistol-like form factor. You take it into your hands.
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