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A community interactive for all things Pokémon and vore!

A community interactive for all things Pokémon and vore!

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Warning: this conglomerate of stories contains some very strange and nasty sexual things! If you're not into that stuff you should probably not look inside of it!

Welcome vorarephiles! I created this interactive as a replacement to Hungry Catgirl's classics which have disappeared to the distress of many. In addition to amazing new additions from an awesome cast of writers, we've re-incorporated some well-loved oldies from the lost interactives as well! There are plenty of spicy chapters, so read, enjoy and contribute, to rebuild our fantastic library of Pokémon smut!

Here are the rules for those who plan to contribute:

-The interactive is split up into five different settings which each have their own specific rules, explained in the opening chapter of each setting.

-All types of vore are allowed in any of the storylines, except for hard vore / gore. None of that mess.

-Post-vore scat is allowed, but make sure it's in a separate chapter with a decent warning beforehand. It's alright to mention or hint at scat, though- as long as the language isn't too strong and you're not actually describing the scene, you can use it in normal chapters without a warning.

-Although scat is allowed in the context of vore, there will be no playing with or eating of any bodily excretions. That's a different fetish for a different interactive. This includes watersports and flatulence.

-Prey is always digested unless the predator lets them out right away- no staying cuddled in bellies for extended periods of time. Unbirth must end in cum-digestion, no age-regression or rebirth. There is an exception to both of these rules in the 5th 'Anything Goes' setting- there, you can end vore however you want!

-All forms of sex are allowed between anyone, including underage characters.

-Reformation is not allowed except in the 1st and 5th settings. The details of how the reformation works is explained within each of those settings.

-No growing or shrinking. Pokémon can be slightly larger or smaller than usual but nothing ridiculous.

-Herms and other odd sexes are allowed and encouraged. Taurs are allowed only in the 5th setting.

-Gender-swapping and other kinds of transformation are allowed, as long as they're kept in a vorish context. Cock TF is a-ok.

-Normal non-anthro Pokémon are able to communicate in plain english, but only with each other. If there are humans or anthros around they will only hear barks and growls from the normal Pokémon's speech. This goes for all settings.

-All generations of Pokémon are allowed- including mega evolutions as long as you can explain how the character acquired that form (either a mega stone or whatever original ideas you can come up with).

-No using characters from the existing Pokémon franchise. That means no Ash, no Misty, no Dawn, etc. Come up with your own characters to write about.

-The story will be told in the second or third person. Which one is used will be the choice of whoever writes the first chapter in a storyline. I've written most of the introductions in the second person (What Pokémon are you?) but that doesn't mean you can't switch to third person (What Pokémon is he / she?)

-Similarly, all of the introductions I've written for the different types of characters are merely suggestions as well. You can add characters that don't exactly fit the descriptions, or come up with something completely different and stick it in the [Add a new option] space! I will edit names and potentially move things around to make it work.

-Normally interactives don't let you edit your work once you've posted it, and that is still technically true here. However if you feel that a chapter you've added could be better, feel free to send me what you want changed through the site's mail system and I will be glad to do the edits for you. If I notice any simple mistakes as I'm browsing the story (such as misspelpings or punctuation} I'll just go in and fix them myself.

-Note that the rules are subject to bending! Don't feel like you have to follow every rule to the letter- if you've got a neat idea that's not quite within sanctions, go ahead and make it happen! As long as it doesn't violate the core reason for the rule being there, it's fine. If you're not sure you can always message me and ask!

-I reserve the right to edit or delete chapters if they are badly written and / or too short. The material you add must be something that other people will appreciate and enjoy. If you post something below my minimum standard of quality I will remove it without asking, although I will also send you a copy of the text from the chapters in case you want to use it elsewhere.


If there is some new material that's added, the easiest way to find it will be clicking on 'Recent Additions' near the bottom of the page. You can also check the 'Story Outline' to see a big list of all the chapters added so far. You can help this interactive become better by adding, even if it's only a little! When you're looking through the story, make no mistake, all those '[Other],' '[More],' '[New Option],' those are for you! If you have a neat idea don't be afraid to add it in and make it a reality! Again, I will edit the names of the choices afterwards to fit what you've written. (And if I forget, just send me a message and remind me! I'd hate to have one of those [Add a new option!] hanging around somewhere and not know about it.)

If you have any questions or comments about the rules please let me know, whether you're confused about something or think something should be added or changed. Enjoy reading!

(Occasionally you might stumble across chapters with a {C} for 'Classic' attached to the title. These are bits of the old interactives which were salvaged thanks to Shrike Alvaron and a user on Eka's Portal named rarrawer, who made a script to back them all up! Huzzah!)
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