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by ulti
Rated: GC · Interactive · Adult · #2030624
Tim meets a demon that plays a twisted game.
Chapter 1

Meeting a Demon

    by: ulti   More by this author
         It was another typical day as a young brown haired guy called Tim was sweeping the floor of an establishment called the pretty pastries. The reason for this was due to the fact he had just finished high school and just secured a job working at a local café. The pay wasn’t great and the hours were long but he wasn’t the type to complain, especially as it was almost the end of his shift. “Hey Tim, thanks for all your hard work this week.” A middle aged woman bellowed, while giving him a fairly painful slap on the back that knocked the air from his lungs and almost sending him tumbling into the road.

         Dusting yourself off you turned to face your mystery slapper only to come face to face with your boss. She was a woman with deep scarlet coloured hair in her mid-forties. She was also fairly chubby woman, not fat but with some definite curves. Most likely from a few indulgences from the many cakes and pastries that she made. “Thanks Miss Labelle, it was a pleasure” You smiled. Only to have her slam her hand once more into your shoulder “Hahaha I told you call me Marie. Also if you keep up that hard work kiddo and you just may be my favourite little worker. In fact if you take the rest of the trash out I’ll let you sneak off early” She smiled. “Just don’t let Holly catch you or I’ll never here the end of it” Before giving another hearty laugh and bounding back inside.

         You pumped your fist in joy, quickly regaining your composure however as you realised how embarrassing it was to be doing that out in public. Then as quick as a flash you picked up your broom and headed out towards the back of the kitchen, stashing the broom in a closet and moving to the alcove out back where the trash was kept in a small cage for transporting to the dumpster. With relative ease you swung the cage out through the back door into the small alleyway out back and began to unload the many bags into the nearest dumpster. You were just about to shut the lid and eagerly head home when something dark and red glistened amongst the many trash bags.

Shrugging your shoulders you shut the lid and began heading back inside to gather things. As quietly as you could you looked about hoping not to run into Holly. You gave a sigh of relief seeing that Marie was keeping her occupied, so you rushed to get changed. Quick as a flash you removed your uniform and donned your usual jeans, hoody and skate shoes. With the same burst of speed you then rushed to the back door again and had just managed to slip out when the sound of Holly yelling her displeasure of your early release. “Phew glad I made it out of there, Holly can be pretty scary when she’s pissed off” You chuckled.

         Feeling a chilling breeze you decided to not waste any more time and began to head home. As you passed the dumpster once more you remembered that odd object that glistened inside. Curiosity finally got the better of you as you decided to once and for all see what it was. With another tug you lifted the lid and grabbed the object while slightly coating your hand in something sticky that you hoped was just left over food. With a quick wipe of your hand on your jeans you brought the item to your face. It was a curious item a blood red chunk of crystal attached to a solid silver chain with numerous odd looking symbols across the links. Upon closer inspection the crystal appeared as though it was broken and you couldn’t tell how many pieces of it had been lost. Even so you couldn’t believe someone would just throw this away, I mean it still looked amazing and must still be worth something for the chain at least. “You know what finders keepers as they say” you said giving a quick glance to make sure no one was looking and snapping the chains clasp around your neck.

         Suddenly a female voice called out “Tsk tsk tsk, another naughty boy playing with something he shouldn’t” it teased. Smoke then began to twirl around your feet, slowly raising and coiling around your legs. You attempted to move but the smoke seemed to hold you in place as another couple of pillars of dark black smoke raised and clutched at your arms. Panicking you attempted to scream but a clawed red hand came up from behind and covered your mouth and a searing hot breath then whispered into your ear. “Well then I must thank you for releasing me from that dammed necklace and as thanks I shan’t kill you on this most splendid of nights” Your eyes now bulging in pure terror as you tugged hard to free your trapped limbs. “In fact all I really want to do after that millennia trapped is have a little fun, that isn’t a bad thing right?” She giggled as more smoke rose to cover your mouth, allowing her to step out in front of you.

         You couldn’t believe your eyes before you stood a pure red demonic woman with two pointy horns jutting out from a head of long dark hair that seemed darker than the abyss itself. Her bosom tightly packed into a corset that seemed to be made of some form of bones adorned with small skulls. Her legs filled a pair of deep black trousers that seemed impossible tight and knee high boots that had a heel that seemed as sharp as any blade.

         “So then my little friend in thanks for not killing you will play a role in my new game” She haughtily laughed, pacing the small dimly lit alley with a constant clatter of heels. “The rules are simple all you have to do is find the other pieces of that pretty little necklace around your neck. If you manage that you win and I shall leave you in peace. Of course to make the game more entertaining I will be adding a couple handicaps. Oh and don’t try taking off that necklace or running away, you won’t like what will happen” She winked. “So do we have a deal? Nod your pretty little head if you agree” With death being your only alternative you hurriedly nodded yes in response. “Perfect then let the game begin!” She cackled as a blinding light flashed towards you.

Option 1: Tim is cursed to be an inch tall.

Option 2: Tim is cursed to be an inch tall and viewed as a bug

Option 3: Tim is cursed to be an inch tall and transforms into an object that fits his surroundings if seen by a woman.

Option 4: Custom curse

Option 5: Custom curse
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