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  1. Mom says it's time to do to Daycare.
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You're a teenager, but your mom thinks you need to go to daycare again. Have fun.
Chapter 1

Mom says it's time to do to Daycare.

    by: Talcane   More by this author
So, your mom was driving you to this new daycare she had discovered. according to her, a lot of parents take their teenagers here. You don't see why, you were fully capable of looking after yourself. And why are these other teens going there? It seemed kind of odd. Well, at the very least, it kept you out of trouble. She also said that the staff was run completely by females. You didn't find that odd, since females were the norm of for many daycares, with a male or two that helped out. You just wondered how the caretakers kept teens under control hadn't had them run off. Now, before we go further into the story, are you a male, or female.
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