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  1. It Begins
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by L.wood
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #2043857
Arcee becomes curvier, and overall more lustful! Transformers Prime verse
Chapter 1

It Begins

    by: L.wood   More by this author
What makes Arcee grow?

1. Iacon Relic : A relic is uncovered that is designed to enhance and upgrade a transformer.

2. Decepticon Experiment: An experiment to try to make a chemical weapon was tested on arcee back on cybertron, it was thought a failure, but it's effects are only appearing now.

3. Energon Shortage: The autobots are having an energon shortage, and arcee offers herself to an experiment that will in all likely turn her into and energon factory. (BE mainly)

4. Sex: She grows when sexually aroused, which during a war doesn't happen that much. Nuf said.

5. Other: Other possibilities.

Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Iacon Relic

2.   Decepticon Experiment

3.   Energon Shortage

4.   Sex

5.   Other

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