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Rated: GC · Interactive · Adult · #2090891
The Pint Puncher works to save the day from dangerous animals. But can he save himself?

The Pint Puncher works to save the day from dangerous animals. But can he save himself?

This is an interactive story containing 1,058 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The main character is a young, human male that one day got the power of super strength and flight. Being able to live out his superhero fantasies, he adorns a white full body spandex and white wrestler mask and blue cape, and saves the day as the Pint Puncher. Unfortunately, it seems that the phenomenon that gave him his powers also gave animals super powers. Worse still, they seem like they want to use them for evil. They all earned the ability to walk upright and talk and understand human language, but they each have a super power specific to them. Now, in addition to the normal criminals, the Pint Puncher has to worry about great big monsters that want to eat him, squish him, stink him, or otherwise humiliate him.

Encouraged practices:


-Stench play



-Tongue play

-Size play



1. Don't write in blood or gore. You can allude to a character meeting their end, but don't actually write about them wasting away in some creature's stomach or reduced to a stain underneath a creature. Also, don't write about broken limbs or bones.

2. The villains can only be super powered animals.

3. Make sure stories don't end to abruptly. For example, there is a character called Borris who's able to inhale many things and seeks to swallow the Pint Puncher. If you write that he manages to inhale the hero, don't have him swallow him outright. Extend the torment.

4. During character selection, make sure there's always an option for someone to add in another set of villains.

5. Villains can be male or female, large or Pint Puncher sized. But they must always be able to walk upright and be able to speak and understand human speech.

6. Villains can team up. If you so chose, you can have villains team up with villains from a set of villains later in the villain selection. For example, if you so choose, in the Hank chapter route, you can have Muro come in for an assist.
-That being said, I won't allow repeat team ups. For example, if in the Hank route you have Muro come in for an assist, in the Muro route, you can't have Hank come in for an assist

7. Villains may not even be real or living animals. If you wish, bring in dragons or dinosaurs, etc. Just make sure they aren't human or part human, so no minotaurs or centuars, etc.

8. The Pint Puncher can't perform sexual moves. He just sticks to strategic planning, flying, and hitting hard.

9. Unless under mind control, the Pint Puncher isn't willing in any of their acts

NEW: Two new events have begun! If you want to see the Pint Puncher fend off villains without his powers, the Handicap Match is there for you! If you want to see the Pint Puncher fight four villains at once, witness the Fearsome Four!

*Borris - a gigantic boar with a monster sized craving. He's able to suck anything not nailed down into his gullet before eating them. He typically likes to squash opponents, stick them up against his dick, and fart on them.
*Helen - a large hippo that likes to rob banks. She can adjust the strength and stench of her gasses (belches and farts), and uses this to over power targets. Sometimes she likes to eat opponents.
*Felicia - a vixen with the ability to stretch her body however she wishes. She typically smothers opponents with enlarged body parts. stuffs them down her throat or up her butt, and squash and fart on opponents.
*Hank - a honey badger known for his hypnotic BO. It stinks, but anyone that smells it instantly submits themselves to his will.
*Rowland - a cougar that can control fire and is able to grow big enough to restrain whoever he targets. It's his goal to reduce opponents to butt toys or sweat rags, and he'll go anything, from belching on them to farting on them to smothering them in his apartment, to achieve his goal.
*Muro - an arctic fox that's able to psychologically speak to opponents to make them do as he wishes. He likes to belch and/or fart on people before sending them up his butt.
*Charles - a German Shepherd that can use his saliva in order to hypnotize victims into acting like his pups. He usually smothers opponents with his BO to make them convert faster, and when they convert, he typically punishes them by making them taste his sweat or sending them up his butt.
*Mundo - a lizard that spits blinding fluids in order to make them more capable of being eaten.
*Melinda - a bunny with the power to multiply herself. She likes to smother opponents with they're feet and land butt first on them.
*Quaker - a massive elephant able to control earth. She uses this power to make targets more easy to step and sit on.
*Rhanier - a notoriously smelly hyena that's able to leap large distances. He likes forcing opponents up his butt.
*Shenny - a wolfess able to grow and smash up cars. She likes sticking enemies in her pussy.
*Baron - a grizzly bear that's able to use his paws to mold targets into shapes he wants. He typically turns them into a new pair of speedos. He's notoriously stinky.
*Tank - a rhino able to alter the weight of himself and those he touches. He likes to squash opponents under his increased weight or stick his smelly parts against them while they're rendered especially heavy. He also tends to fondle opponents while they're stuck.
*Derek - a lion with a knack for wrestling that likes to swallow opponents whole. or force them to smell his stenches. He's able to adjust his stenches to make them smell however he wishes.
*Debra - a turkey that's able to change form from standard turkey, to bbw, or to an especially skillful flier. She uses her abilities in tandem with her potent gases to render opponents immobile, enabling her to eat them.
*Bessy - a cow who's body is now like slime. She uses her new form to create tentacles and snatch up prey before absorbing them.
*Marry - a supermodel sheep with a coat of egrowing, easily detachable, electrical wool. She uses this wool to stun/torment opponents while she comes in to bully them.
*Clement - a thin skunk who earned the power to control wind. She uses this power to ensnare foes and send her rank fumes wherever she wants.
*Drake - a chocolate dale horse with the power to run super fast. He leaves behind a trail of his horrid body order where he runs.
*Taurus - a T-rex that's able to switch from feral to anthro. He likes smothering, stomping, and ensnaring enemies with his jaws.
*Oriana - an ancient dragoness that's able to breath and manipulate fire, crush enemies, and attempt to mind control enemies. When she overpowers enemies, she tends to reduce them to her slave.
*Annie - a pig with super strength that's completely enamored with the Pint Puncher. She usually squashes him into submission before forcibly making love to him.
*Tiffany - a rat that's able to grow to giant size. She likes to crush and gas enemies.
*Isabella- a kangaroo that's able to make her feet and legs as hard as stone. She likes to stomp and decimate enemies with her powerful legs.
*Audrey - an otter that's able to manipulate water. She uses this power to either smother enemies in a gas bubble, smack them about, squash them, or eat them.
*Susan - an elephant seal able to absorb enemies into her hands. She's then able to transfer there consciousness to anywhere on her body she can touch.
*Julia - a tapir with the power to manipulate dreams. She uses this power to overpower a target's will and eventually eat it, rendering her target completely subject to her command.
*Lana and Lois - lorikeet twins that are able to transform themselves. Lana likes to squash opponents while Lois likes to grapple with opponents. They both love wrestling, especially when it involves double teaming some twerp.
*Carol - a crocodile who's presence render's other super powers mute. She likes grappling with opponents and smashing them with her legs.
*Olivia - a zebra that's able to turn invisible. She likes to turn invisible and use her powerful legs and butt to make opponents submit to her, either by squeezing them or by playing with they're genitals.
*Paula - a panther that's able to manipulate her rubber latex suit to make it stretch out. She likes to snatch opponents into her suit and smother them with her assets or smash them up.
*Kelly and Layla - a gazelle duo that are able to immobilize their prey by massaging. After incapacitating them, they tend to try and make them cum.
*Gilda - a giraffe able to expand individual parts of her body.

Edit 9/8/2017, the ability to face preexisting characters: https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/2090891-The-Pint-Puncher-vs-Evil-A...
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