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  1. Small Beginnings
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two young lovebirds who may find themselves growing together in more ways than one...
Chapter 1

Small Beginnings

    by: Bobo the Hobo   More by this author
Alice Carlyle and Zack Tyler.

Two young lovers, brought together by random chance one Summer's day in Daven's Port, were now taking the biggest step had ever taken in their young lives.

Bigger than dating. Bigger than being exclusive. Bigger than living in the same city together. Bigger than living with Zack's Mom.

Alice Carlyle and Zack Tyler, two young but ambitious lovers, were about to move in together.

They were about to move in together, and they were ready to cross the country to do it.

East Coast natives at heart, neither Zack nor Alice had ever dreamt of going so far west. Settling squarely in the middle of the country, the titular couple had managed to make a decent start at carving out a little life for themselves.

Zack's hard work at the Hammond chain of hotels had netted him a cozy promotion into a covetous management position. He had been working there ever since he had gotten out of high school, impressing coworkers and superiors alike with his surprising work ethic. While he certainly isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, Zack's ability to buckle down and deliver results is impressive enough to merit sending him to help develop the Abercrombie branch of the Hammond Hotel chain.

Meanwhile, Alice has landed a promising scholarship at Abercrombie State University. After spending two years in a Community college back in Daven's Port, Alice has earned herself a very rare opportunity to make it big in the fashion world. She was the one most hesitant about the move, but knowing that Zack will be making enough for them to live off-campus together while she devotes herself full-time to studies certainly makes it easier. Plus, getting out from under her mother's thumb is certainly a plus!

Thanks to the perks of being (and being involved with) a company man, Zack and Alice were afforded one week all-expenses paid at the luxurious (but somewhat lacking!) Hammond Hotel while the finer things with their apartment were ironed out. It was a show of good faith, and one that they were both very happy to recieve, but it was definitely nice to have finally settled in the place they'd be calling home for the forseeable future.

It wasn't a big apartment by any means, but it was certainly nice. Nicer than either of them had been used to. Alice had spent every year since she was fifteen crammed into a dorm room, and Zack had been sharing his brownstone apartment with his mother and four other siblings since... well, birth. All this extra elbow room was definitely something that would take some getting used to!

In fact, there was a kitchen suite, a back porch that overlooked the city, there was even a spare bedroom to do with what they saw fit!

So nice, especially for being so young.

They just had to be careful. Living alone, by themselves, without either of their respectively shrewish mothers to constantly impose themselves on their lives... it was scary!

But they could do it, right?

Living together, here in Abercrombie... it might be easier than they thought!


Warm steam filled the bathroom as the shower hissed loudly overhead.

Alice brought her head underneath the nozzle, letting the shampoo rinse out of her long blonde hair. She ran her fingers through it, scrubbing and scratching until the residual soap had bubbled and died underneath the constant current of steaming water. Extending a hand blindly, her bright blue eyes closed just in case, Alice turned off the water to the shower and felt for her towel.

Extending one long ivory leg, Alice stepped out of the shower.

"Hey babe."

Without the shower to drown it out, the sound of the sink echoed off the tiles of their new bathroom walls. Zack stood leaned over the sink, still dressed in his pajamas. He was shaving, clearing away the poofy white beard of cream he had spread over his neck and chin. He smiled beneath the opening he had left for his mouth, cutting his eyes at her reflection in the foggy mirror.

"Hey." Alice said with a smile of her own.

They had been living together for two weeks now, and the novelty of seeing each other in various states of undress had yet to wear off. This hadn't been the first time that they had inadvertantly intruded on one another's morning routine, but it was beginning to become a welcome installment to their day to day lives.

Of course they had been seeing each other naked for quite a while now—it must have had something to do with the fact that they were living together that made it so special, they both thought as Alice wrapped her arms around his waist.

They were the picture-perfect couple; and the mirror agreed, as it framed the two together.

"Scooch over, I need the mirror." Alice said with a playful bump of her hip

"Almost done, almost done..."
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