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by Tank
Rated: E · Interactive · Comedy · #2092049
A story about three roommates attempting to adjust to life working at a bakery
Chapter #1


    by: Tank
Four 23 year old girls live in a New York City apartment. Sarah is the nice and calm leader of the group, Ashley is the loud and stupid one, Jenny is the witty and sarcastic one and Tara is the lazy one.

"I'm so nervous for this job interview." Sarah said to her three roommates Ashley, Jenny and Tara as they each get ready for their day.

"I'm not. This is gonna be a piece of cake." Jenny replied.

"I told you I could've gotten jobs with me at McDonalds." Tara continued.

"Please Tara. I'd rather be jobless than work among a group of high school dropouts and druggies." Jenny answered.

"Well i dropped out of high school to pursue a modeling career." Ashley said.

"Looks like that's turned out well for you." Tara replied.

"Don't you have to go to your minimum wage earning job now?" Jenny asked.

"At least I have a job." Tara said as she left.

"How about we enjoy some breakfast at Caroline's before the interview to calm us down?" Sarah asked.

"Great idea! She makes the best crepes!" Ashley answered as the three girls walked out of the building.

They arrived at Caroline's Diner five minutes later. "Well if it isn't three of my favorite customers!?" Caroline said as Sarah, Ashley and Jenny walked into the diner. The delectable scents of mouth watering treats hypnotized the girls as they stuffed their faces with crepes before their big interview. "You can never go wrong with one of Caroline's meals." Ashley said, rubbing her slim but bloated stomach.

"Yea, now we just have to not be tempted by the bakery treats." Sarah giggled.

"The only way we'd be tempted is if we were Caroline's size." Jenny replied as the three girls laughed on the way to Sarah's sedan.

Katie's Cakery was a relatively new bakery in New York. Only opened for a month, for now, the owner of the shop, Katie, is a recently graduated college student who's dream it was to have a successful bakery.

"Ah, you must be the interested employees." Katie said as Ashley, Sarah and Jenny walked into the small shop. The aroma of fresh bread and chocolate filled the air.

"Yes that's us. We'd really like to work at your shop." Sarah nervously said as Katie offered the three girls chocolate chip scones.

"Relax sweetie. You girls basically have the job already." Katie replied.

"Are you for real?!" They said in unison and disbelief.

"Well yea. Your the only three to apply." Katie laughed. "Welcome to the Katie's Cakery Family!" Katie cheered.

"Yay." Jenny sarcastically said as Ashley and Sarah high fived each other.

"So what do we do now?" Sarah asked.

"Well I can get you your work schedules and uniforms now. Let's celebrate over cookie cake. My treat!" Katie said happily as she cut the four girls a treat.

Back at Home:
"Ugh never forgetting a toy in a happy meal again." Tara sighed to herself as she wiped the barbecue sauce and burger meat off of her dirty apron as Ashley, Sarah and Jenny excitedly walked through the door. "How'd the interview go?" Tara asked.

"Like a said, a piece of cake." Jenny said, belching from her delicious piece of cookie cake. "And how was your day of helping our country become more unhealthy than it already is?" Jenny asked.

"Awful. A kid started throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the shop just because there were five McNuggets in his meal instead of six. Little fat son of a."

"Relax Tara! Just be happy we got the job! How about we celebrate with some takeout Chinese, on me." Sarah smiled as she pulled out her crumpled up $20 dollar bill from her pocket. Suddenly, there was a knock at their door. It was Lily, their lazy and sloppy neighbor, clad in a pair of pink sweats and a loose fitting tank top.

"So I overheard you guys got the job! Congrats!" Lily said.

"Yep, we're celebrating with some sesame chicken if you'd like to stay." Katie offered.

"Sounds like a plan." Lily replied, waking in and sitting on the couch.

"Today was a good day." Sarah thought to herself as her and her friends enjoyed their dinner.

What will the next episode be? You decide!

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