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  1. Newly Gooey
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Jack accidentally gives his mother an odd illness.
Chapter 1

Newly Gooey

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Today looked like it was going to be like any other. Wake up, shower, get dressed, make breakfast, the usual. For years, you've been taking medication to suppress your illness. When Jack was just 8 years old, he got sick and gave you a rather nasty bug that you called the Gooey Flu. The effect made your body just as weak and malleable as him. Being a single mother, you could risk anything happening to you or your son would be all on his own. You managed to swallow your pride and give your bastard ex-boyfriend (and Jack's father) a call and he's been sending you a supply of medication to combat the Gooey Flu for years. However, there's a problem today. You appear to have run out! Until you get some more, you're going to have to deal with being weak and malleable. However, your devotion to your son is great. Even at your weakened state, you still have responsibilities.

What stage in life is your son at?
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