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  1. One Spooky Night
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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #2136245
You're out trick or treating. However, it turns out they're getting treats.
Chapter 1

One Spooky Night

    by: nobody495   More by this author
It is a dark and spooky night. Those dressed in bandages and spooky clothing run rampant through the streets, and they're... getting candy. It's Halloween, and the mood is in full swing. Everyone's dressing up, everyone's spreading playful fear, and everyone's enjoying their time. Halloween is also the perfect time for urban legends. One of them tells of a strange neighborhood, called Vampyre Lane, deep in the nearby forest. They say that the greatest of spooks and the most realistic of costumes reside there, yet no one has been able to confirm the rumors. Those that visit the neighborhood are said to never return again.

Before we investigate that rumor, who are you?
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