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  1. Meeting Our Protagonist
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A student wizard and fat admirer catches the eye of large ladies at magic school.
Chapter 1

Meeting Our Protagonist

    by: Elusive Wordsmith   More by this author
Phineas Fortescue was an unremarkable lad. Even heading into his penultimate year of magic studies at the famed Citadel Prepatory Academy for Rites and Sorcery, he didn’t stand out next to his fellow young mages. There were teen wizards that knew more spells, budding warlocks with more prestige, co-ed witches that would not regard him for too long. Phineas was a remarkably bright student, yet outshadowed by the most eminent magical geniuses of the age and his introspective tendencies.

Seventeen year old Phineas spent just too much time in his head. It came from being the middle child in a vast family of magicians to pour out of the famed school with illustrious careers. Big things had been expected of Phineas, attention he found stifling just as he was coming into his own at the school.

Phineas loved puzzling out riddles. He had an analytic mind, obscure tastes, and tended to do well in the face of magical mysteries. He wasn’t good with natural magic in practice, by the book he was a swell student. He was clumsy around horticulture and supernatural creatures. He coasted through academy life at the Citadel not having many plans for the future, true passions or potential of any measurable kind compared to his peers.

Even his looks were kind of awkward. Bowl haircuts, dark hair and eyes, little in the realm of muscle on his lean frame. He was a fastidious dresser but kept to a stringent uniform of tie and robes, lacking any style beyond that of a bookish nerd. Even his family’s inclination towards a tall stock skipped Phineas’ conception, as he was of average height and build.

Phineas didn’t have many friends, acquaintances rather. His awkwardness extended to socializing as well, he constantly scrutinized each word he said in hopes of sounding different than he felt. Trying to sound clever or cool or tough when he was, in all honesty, kind of pathetic.

Phineas would continue drifting through life as a face in the crowd, an unremarkable wizard, be forever marked as average were it not for one of his deepest secrets:

He loved fat women.

Phineas couldn’t be sure just where his attraction had started. Roughly around the time he heard boys his age really talk about the kinds of girls they liked (or occasionally the other boys they liked, although that wasn’t where Phineas’ orientation lay) the young mage found that his ideals of beauty didn’t mesh with the common consensus. Skinny, high arched features, a tight petite feminine form. Phineas’s private fantasies drew to the curvy, the thick, the chubby, the chunky, the weighty, the huge, the obese, the massive…

Yeah, the larger the girl, the more Phineas started to get carried away. Citadel Prepatory Academy for Rites and Sorcery had its fair share of ample females. Magic carried with it an air of elitism and hubris, with some taking it too far with indulgences. Even if the feelings were mutual, Phineas feared he would never be able to express his desires towards the plus sized opposite sex without facing ridicule and disgust.

So Phineas kept his love of the large and fat secret into the start of his penultimate year at Citadel Prepatory Academy for Rites & Sorcery. Up until the moment he arrived at school.

Consider it a change of destiny or happening of circumstance. Phineas was about to see his wildest hopes met in ways he never considered possible. Phineas was about to find the love of his life.

Pity they were all vying for his attention, what with all of these weighty females coming out of the proverbial woodwork.

So where do we find Phineas Fortescue just as he finally catches a break with the large ladies?
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