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  1. Whose up first?
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Can this hero handle these corrupt divas? Or will he end up being putty in their hands?
Chapter 1

Whose up first?

    by: Nevelon   More by this author
Here's the first set of corrupted women.

Bubble Punk:

A thuggish girl from the bad part of town. She's got bubblegum pink hair, and luscious lips. Her normal outfit consists of a black dress shirt, leather fingerless gloves, a dark miniskirt, fishnet stockings and kneehigh boots. Her figure is nothing to right home about, and that kind of pisses her off; so she tends to lash out against any women she thinks is sexy than her, which is most of them.

Her mouth can produce an endless amount of a gum like substance that's super stretchy and super sticky.


A performer who was always stuck playing second fiddle to incompetent stage magicians. This blonde beauty is usually dressed in an open tuxedo jacket with a white vest, nylon stockings and stiletto heels. Now that this busty babe has power, she's not going to settle for being less then the city's greatest star!

Her breasts are literally hypnotic. The more of her breasts exposed, the more powerful the effect.


A professional cheerleader, whose career was cut short do to injury. This dark skinned brunet is usually rocking a sleeveless referee jersey and a pair of black short-shorts with white sneakers. She's lost out on fortune and fame, but now she's going to take it all by force.

She can create copies of her self. Up to 35 copies at once, even.

Lucha Libre:

A Mexican wrestler who was cheated out of the championship belt. This toned Latina warrior has forgone her mask out of rage, letting her long hair flow free. Clad in only a sky blue bikini top and matching shorts and boots, she'll take on anyone and everyone until she's proved she's the strongest!

She just keeps going and going. She never tires and keeps getting stronger the longer she fights someone.
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