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Can this hero handle these corrupt divas? Or will he end up being putty in their hands?
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Chapter 2

Bubble Punk

    by: Nevelon   More by this author
Mark flipped through his phone as he strolled down the street. He still had trouble believing he had magical powers. And all it took was getting his ass kicked and receiving what will most likely be the best kiss of his entire life.

Still, he had read a lot of comics. He knew that great power must come with great responsibility. Plus, trying to do the right thing was what got him his power in the first place. So when her heard a woman scream for help, he leapt into action.

Ducking into a nearby alley, Magic Man discovers a punkish looking girl looming over another woman... who seemed to be stuck to the wall?

"Please! I'll give you anything you want!" the trapped woman begged.

"What a I want," the punk girl answered,"is for your face to be broken so bad that no guy will ever think about getting off from you."

"Hold it!" Magic Man yelled as he raced towards the women.

The punk girl with bubblegum pink hair looked over at him with annoyance before she took a deep breath and started to blow a bubble.
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