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A mysterious resort on a pacific island, full of transformation. GP’s for good additions
Chapter 1


    by: The1SwagKing   More by this author
The large cruise you were on was just the start of the wonderful vacation. The Resort of Change was the ultimate vacation destination, and you finally got the means of getting there. Everyone you knew had insisted, and they all came back different. For now though, you were focused on the final day of the cruise. You drank your margarita as the island grew larger in your sight, before the ship's horn blew. The entire staff, simultaneously cheered as the cruise floated into the dock perfectly.

As you disembarked, you carried your suitcase holding what you brought with you, walking down the main street, in awe of what you saw. There were giant buildings on either side of you, with different restaurants, shops, and clubs with their own theme of transformation. You were brought out of the trance when you bumped into something fuzzy, before you looked up at a ten foot tall tiger woman, who then looked at you in anger.

"If you're not more careful, than you'll end up in my belly next time." She said, licking her lips. You had no doubt she would follow through on that threat as you continued to walk, this time very aware of the danger around you. You eventually made your way to the grand hotel, and walked into the lobby where you saw a man standing behind the front desk, but the man seemed to have the body of a woman, and an obese one at that.

"Excuse me." You said, as he turned to you and lit up, instantly recognizing you as
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