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During his first year at Beacon Jaune learned hypnosis. Now he's gonna use it for mischief
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Chapter 2

Yang Xiao-Long

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Jaune had made up his mind. His first foray into the world of Hypnotism would be through Yang Xiao-Long, Ruby's sister.

Jaune went to the team RWBY dorm early one evening, and gave the door a sharp knock. There was silence for a moment before the door slowly opened, revealing Yang, already dressed in her pajamas, ready for bed.

"Jaune? What's up?" she said with a smile.

"Hey Yang! Are uh... are you busy? I was uh.. I wanted to know if you could help me out with something I uh..." he stammered.

"I mean, I guess I can help. I don't know what it is though so uh..." she replied, confused.

"Oh! Right! Uhm... is anyone else around? Your team, I mean."

"Nope. Weiss got dragged off by her sister, Blake is off brooding with Sun, and Ruby's out for the night with Penny. Why do you ask?"

"Well what I need help with needs peace and quiet uh... I can see I'm kinda being confusing. So I've been taking hypnosis classes and uh..."

"Hypnosis classes? Seriously Jaune? Why waste money on that?" Yang quipped.

"It's not a waste... if it works?" he stammers, not sure what to say.

"I guess. Aaand you want me to be your guinea pig for this, huh?"

"Well uh... yeah. Kinda."

Yang rolled her eyes and opened the door wider, ushering Jaune in, then closing the door.

"I don't expect any of the others to be back for a while. At least not until 11. And even then I doubt Blake and Weiss will come back at all. So it looks like you have all the time you need to TRY to hypnotize me. I seriously doubt this will work, just so you know."

"We'll see, won't we?" he replied. Yang sat down on the edge of the lower bunk of her bed, and Jaune pulled over a chair.

"What do I need to do?" she asked.

"Just relax, and watch this." Jaune replied, pulling out a gold pocket watch. Yang rolled her eyes.

"Seriously Jaune? A pocket watch?" she sighed. Jaune just gave her a serious look. She shook her head then fixed her eyes on the watch.

"Just follow it with your eyes. As you watch it, let your breathing slow. Let your body start to relax. Feel the tension getting lifted from your shoulders" he said. As he did, he saw Yang's posture become slightly more loose. Her breaths became longer, more drawn out, causing her chest to puff forward and recede with each inhale and exhale.

"Feel your body growing more and more loose. More and more relaxed. Feel yourself slowly becoming more and more tired."

Yang's arms drooped, becoming limp at her sides, her eyes strained for a moment, but kept following the watch.

"The world around you is slowly becoming blurry. The only thing in focus is the watch. It's all you can see. It's all you focus on."

Yang's eyes fluttered again, then attained a laser focus on the watch, looking at it like a hawk stalking it's prey.

"Find that other sounds are beginning to fade. All you can hear is my voice. All you need to hear is my voice. All you WANT to hear is my voice. And all you want to see is this watch,"

A small smile crept across Yang's lips as her eyes fluttered again.

"Now find that your thoughts are being slowly pulled from you, and into the watch. The watch is lifting your burdens from you. The burden of thought. It's nice isn't it? Having the stress of free thinking relieved from you?"

Yang nodded sleepily

"But it's unsafe to have no thoughts. It's unsafe to leave yourself unguarded. The watch knows this. It wants to help. It's letting me take the responsibility of your thoughts. And in a moment I will count back from 5 to 0. With each number these thoughts will fade. With each number you'll drift further and further asleep. When I reach 0, your thoughts will be with me, and I will think for you. When I reach 0 your eyes will close and you will be in a trance. 5.....4.....3.....2.....1..........0." As the words left his mouth, Yang's eyes closed and her head slumped to his chest.

"Yang? Hey. Yang?" He questioned. There was no response.

"Lift your right arm" he commanded. Her right arm slowly floated up.

"Drop it" he said. Her arm followed and flopped onto the bed, limply.

"This... it worked..." he said, looking over the hypnotized blonde.

But what does he do from here?
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