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In honor of the deleted Potty Training Tales, I've decided to, in essence, recreate it
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Chapter 3

5 to 6 years old

    by: ShadowBlade   More by this author
Let's throw down some examples...

Jason, age 5, the later trainer.
Your parents tried, bless their hearts, but you were never quite ready when you were 3. So back to diapers it was. But now, you're ready to be a big boy!

Daniel, 6, bedwetter.
At a sleepover with all your friends, you have to keep your night pants hidden-AND try and stay dry. Not easy.

Lukas, 5.5, accident prone.
You ARE in undies, but sometimes, you daydream or get distracted and wet or poop yourself. In your class, can you stay a big kid-or will it be back to trainers with you?
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