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Five ladies getting large and gaining weight in a cramped townhouse.
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Chapter 2

Phoebe Durant

    by: Elusive Wordsmith   More by this author
Phoebe Durant lived a charmed life.

It was the most polite way of putting things because she wasn’t getting by on brains alone. The perky, bubbly redhead often made stupid decisions or didn’t think of the consequences whenever she did anything.

She was hot. The twins’ phenotype graced them with limber, sultry booty wide bodies post puberty. For Phoebe, her plump little rump had brought all the boys to the yard. Not that the townhouse had a big yard. The lyrical analogy was lost on Phoebe. Although she did feel like having a milkshake.

Phoebe was grateful for her family and friends. Her twin sister Reagan was cool if mean sometimes. Her big sister Audrey took care of everything. Cousin Ixchel was so smart. And Uma was fun to hang out with. And they all lived in the townhouse to help Phoebe. Because life was hard, you know? The airheaded Durant twin had never contemplated life if she was forced to fend for herself.

Subconsciously, she had wrapped everyone around her finger without realizing it. Being the younger twin by two seconds she was the baby of the family. She could still pass for cute when the situation called for it, her maturity not all there.

And even if the nightmare occurred that her family kicked her out of the townhouse Phoebe was so popular. She had a lot of friends at university and she was starting her modeling career. People found Phoebe attractive and most found her sweet if doltish personality endearing. She’d had plenty of suitors and boyfriends although Phoebe often had to be rescued from one-sided and jerks for lovers. It didn’t help that Phoebe would crush after every handsome hunk she laid eyes on.

Phoebe may not be the brightest bulb off the shelf but she was kind, friendly and genuine. Even her sisters couldn’t stay mad at her for too long. Call it karma, or fate or just ridiculously luck but a lot of things in life went Phoebe’s way without her barely having to lift a finger.

For Phoebe, every week had bright sunshiney days.
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