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Five ladies getting large and gaining weight in a cramped townhouse.
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Chapter 3

Phoebe Learns to Cook

    by: Keroro04   More by this author
“Hmph… I don’t get what went wrong…”

Every morning in the Fordham household it fell to a different Fordham lady to take care of breakfast. For Wednesday and the weekends this was Audrey, who tended to serve some mouth-watering good southern breakfast. For Monday, this job fell to Ixchel, who’s Tex-Mex food helped with a great start to any work week.

After those good meals though came the rest of the Fordham women, who weren’t as good. For Fridays there was Uma’s “health food” that most agreed did not taste good at all. And for Thursdays Reagan simply settled for ordering fast food for everyone, not wanting to waste any effort on cooking for everyone.

That only left Tuesdays for Phoebe, and although the girl meant well, it was agreed upon that she was the worst chef out of anyone in the Fordham household. She could make simple frozen dinners as well as basic dishes such as mashed potatoes, but when it came to something complex, such as today’s pancake breakfast, her food fails to have any good taste whatsoever, often feeling undercooked from a single bite.

“That’s it, I’m ordering some Denny’s…” Audrey stated plainly, after having taken a single bite only to spit it back out. “What do you want?”

“The usual.” Both Reagan and Uma replied back, almost instantly. To them, that was a French toast and bacon omelette meal and a veggie omelette respectively, which they usually got whenever Phoebe’s meal ended up going wrong.

“Hmm…” Ixchel thought a bit longer about what she wanted, before answering back. “I’ll just have some biscuits and gravy, along with a hearty helping of hash browns.”


Turning to Phoebe, who was slowly grabbing up the bowl containing the leftover pancake batter, Audrey briefly considered asking her what she wanted, but changed her mind once she saw how the younger Durant twin looked despondent to once again ruining breakfast for the Fordham household. For now she’d simply order her the strawberry French toast that she preferred and leave her alone, and leave it at that.

After breakfast came and went however, Phoebe still felt sad and frustrated, as she looked at the pancake recipe she had used from her phone. The source of her cooking troubles was from her creativity, as she tried to go out on her own for whatever she was making and using recipes more as a guide than something to be followed. For a master chef or Kitchen Boss, this was a strength, but for Phoebe, who barely had any experience cooking, this was her greatest failure.

As she continued to hover over the recipe, Phoebe sighed, before holding her phone up to her chest. “For once, just this once, why can’t I seem to make a good meal for the Fordham household? Just once I wanna make something just as good as Aud and Chel’s foods, is that too hard to ask?”

Briefly she considered just deleting the recipe outright and just settle for ordering fast food much like her twin Reagan when it came to her day. However, as she continued to scroll down, she saw something that caught her eye, and gave her hope.

“Now Open - Cooking Classes. Bring Your Own Apron and Ingredients.”

“426 Park Street… that’s a five minute drive…” Phoebe thought, as she looked down at the ad, considering the pros and cons. “But, if it can help me in actually impressing my sisters for once… perhaps it’s a good idea if I do take up on this offer.”


It took about a week for Phoebe to register for this cooking class, but by Tuesday after another attempt at cooking for the household, Phoebe got herself ready before heading off to the building where it was taking place. With some help from Ixchel, she was able to pack herself an apron and some basic ingredients, so all that was left for Phoebe to do was to learn as much as she could.

Tying up the apron as she walked in, Phoebe sat down as she waited for everything to start. She was the first student to arrive thankfully, but as more and more people arrived to learn the secrets of cooking, Phoebe noticed that there was something common with all of them.

They looked professional, or at least more professional than she currently was. While she had brought the basic cooking essentials and her own uniform, everyone else had brought their own utensils as well, and they looked like they were ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

To say Phoebe was intimidated would be a understatement, but at the very least her fears were slightly calmed over as the teacher, Vespa walked in. A Latina chef who had worked in the field for over ten years, she was a bit on the soft side with some motherly hips and a soft potbelly, but she carried that weight with a stride as she rang a bell to get everyone’s attention.

“Welcome everyone, I will be your teacher today, and the name’s Vespa Piloncillo… now, you all have come here expecting a harsh course I’m betting. To turn your cooking from basic home meals to something you’d actually find in a restaurant. We will touch down on that later in the year, but for now we are focusing on the essentials.”

“Now, if this is your first time cooking, don’t worry. I’ll be there to help any of you if you need it. But for now, let’s go over the basics of cooking…”

Pulling out a notebook, Phoebe slowly wrote down everything that her new teacher was saying, not wanting to miss out on any cooking techniques that she could miss. So long as she kept her focus up in class, she was going to master the art of cooking…

… and perhaps by the time she was finished, then she could make up for all the bad breakfasts she had served since moving into the Fordham household…
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