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A group of friends battle the supernatural and look good while doing it...
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Chapter 22

Walt wakes up to find Leah shaking him

    by: HikerAngel   More by this author
I felt a hand shaking me. I pried my eyelids open. Where was I? What was going on?

I heard Leah's voice.

"What the hell did you do?"

"Wha...?" I muttered, turning my head to face her.

"Did you dream again?"

"I-I..." Had I? I didn't remember dreaming. All I could remember was...

"You dreamed of Veronica, didn't you?”

...Veronica. Shit.

“Of course he did, sister of mine,” came another voice, but her ambrosial scent told me her identity before I could place the voice. “What man wouldn’t?”

My eyes found Veronica. They wouldn’t be leaving her anytime soon.

As “upgraded” as she had been last night, or in my dream--I wasn’t sure which it really was--she seemed even more beautiful now. As I watched her approach, she seemed to grow more gorgeous with every step.

As she crossed a leg in front of the other in a catwalk gait, it seemed to gain an inch of shapely, feminine muscle. Another step from the leggy beauty; another inch to her legginess.

Four more steps gave her the most unbelievably sexy legs I could imagine. Leah, athletic beauty that she was, stepped between us. Her head tilted up to look up at a younger sister whose insanely long legs now gave her the height advantage between the two.

Veronica laughed in a dulcet tinkle that sent shivers racing down my spine. Her voice alone could now arouse me more than could any other woman.

Leah raised a hand to slap her across the face, but Veronica caught it in mid-swing. She laughed again.

“Leah, when are you going to learn? Everything you are, I am and more. Far more now and gaining by the second, thanks to Walt here.”

Leah shot me a glance packed with more anger than I’d ever seen from her before. It was almost hatred!

I had seen Leah’s performance at soccer. She was stronger than most of the guys on the field. Yet Veronica forced her hand downward with ease. I felt a strange sort of deja vu as I seemed to recall this scene playing out once before. Had it happened… (gulp)... in a dream?

I stepped to the side, eager, in spite of myself, to see what was happening to Veronica. Her legs seemed to gain another inch in length, looking so smooth and sleek as to appear polished--at least until she moved. Then, striations of muscle seemed to carve into her sculpturesque stems until fading into smooth perfection as movement ceased. Her legs looked strong. Leah’s did too, but after her display with the slap, I was willing to bet that Veronica was far stronger than her sister.

Her mini--more of a micro now with the growth of her interminable legs--clung to her firm, rounded hips for dear life. The perfect, pert hemispheres of her voluptuous ass molded the tight fabric into breathtaking, cock-hardening curves.

Her tight, cropped scoop-neck top left the sculpted ravines of her abs plainly visible. They already looked so exquisitely shredded that I wouldn’t be surprised if a heavyweight boxer’s best punch came to a swift and sudden end against their ridged perfection… and their crevices seemed to be chiseling, impossibly, into über-perfection under my attentive gaze.

Her breasts were absolutely spectacular, their succulent cleavage making my mouth water as I imagined tasting the flawless flesh of their upper slopes. By the time my eyes made it to her lips, I absolutely ached for her. Those lips curled into a smile as she watched my languidly rising ogle. I knew it, yet I could do nothing about it. I was helpless under the power of her erotic spell.

When my eyes finally met her magnificent blues, I shuddered under their long-lashed intensity. I couldn’t seem to move. I was hypnotized.

I caught Veronica’s hand shove outward in my peripheral vision. I heard the bounce of bed springs. Veronica must have thrown Leah onto the bed. She was no longer standing where she was. I wanted to look, to make sure she was okay. But I couldn’t. My eyes couldn’t leave Veronica’s. They became more and more luminous as I watched.
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