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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #2211018
Can Carl Ruiz become not the hero we need nor deserve. But the one we only got?

Can Carl Ruiz become not the hero we need nor deserve. But the one we only got?

This is an interactive story containing 24 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Lore: The world is constantly barraged by many different types of evils. From fearsome giants rampaging cities, once thought to be magical fantasies and myths terrorizing the countryside, to aliens and other horrors that were once thought to be only science fiction was brought to reality! It was sure to be humanity's final hours, but sure enough numerous brave heroes fought these threats and continue to do so even after all these years.

But recently in the year 2040, more and more heroes of this generation grew only to more prideful and corrupted by their social importance, slowly becoming just as bad as the numerous threats that they face which is growing stronger by the day! But there is hope in the dusk as in Emberville, Tennessee. A bright-hearted young man of the name: Carl Ruiz gained superpowers in a freak accident in chemistry class. Despite been only armed with low level superhuman abilities, fly barely faster than a car, and odd power to "level up". Carl Ruiz is determined make a difference in this world! Or die trying!

...not the best thing to say in his situation.


1. No short chapters! Keep a minimum of two to four paragraphs at a minimum. I will give leniency on some chapters but don't continuously make them

3. Unlike the rest of other my interactives, Sexual content is more heavily referenced and will mostly happen depending on the things. And actual super "lewd" stuff may or not transpire in later chapters. But being constantly naked is which is a no-no.
3.2. Full-blown sex and actual romance will be something will you have to develop a relationship with an another character. None of which will be super young characters. Crushes can be formed quite easily however, and can act as a starting point for it.
3.3, Things like "hands-on" teasing, handjobs, and etc are fine though

4. No toilet stuff, Major Weight gain, major limb expansion or inflation, super-hardcore femdom, or vore of any kind. That goes for any kink that goes against the flow of the story. But to nature of the stuff and themes of the story , shrinking/growing will be very much allowed, and encouraged! That goes for minor to medium muscle growth and such too!
4.1 I change my mind on transformation! Transformation as long it fits and not that out there!

5. My eternal rule: Not every foot have to smell like a cheese factory, nor do they smell like a field of daisies. Same goes for the feet's size and texture. Not every person is tall or is short for that matter. Not every girl has watermelon for tits. Or an ass that claps away thunderstorms. Variety is the spice of life, get what I'm saying. All too make feel a little more realistic and "human".

6 Your choices do matter in the long run and shape the main character's personality and also develop the others. And remember while you are free to do whatever you want. But remember, you aren't free from the consequences of said actions.
6.1. The protagonist is a nice but cowardly nerd(and closeted pervert) who has a bit of a hero complex and is kinda of a smart ass.
6.2. His age would...be vague. All I would say that he will be in somewhere in between of being fifteen to eighteen years old. Meaning he is in high school.

7. Please keep the influx of choice chapters on the relatively low.

8. Keep it, first person or second person.

9. No sudden abrupt endings and deaths.

10. Make all characters act their age and true to their personalities. But interpretations and exploration on them and how they react to things are not only allowed but is ENCOURAGED. Not to mention…it's kinda one of the main themes of the story.

11. And while foot fetish is what you called the "main" kink of this story and will be encouraged . It doesn't mean that Carl is blind to a characters other "assets" *eyebrow wiggle*. But be warned, this isn't pure smut(and it can be kinda close). But playful mocking, outright bullying, and teasing is very much allowed and is encouraged. ;D

12. And while I'm straight. You can play, confront, and interact with both male and female characters. Although I would like more stuff focusing on girls. But no chapters with the character having a lewd interaction being adult and older adult males.

13. While Carl Ruiz is good deal weaker than most of the things he will face in the story. Doesn't mean that he can't win...but don't be surprised if he doesn't okay.

14. The most important rule…is to have fun, and get creative with it!

15. Second most important rule; no crossovers! Keep it purely original!

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