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Group of college kids renovating a house find a bottle of Jumbo Gro. Hormones take over

Group of college kids renovating a house find a bottle of Jumbo Gro. Hormones take over

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Summer break a group of 6 friends are renovating a house to hopefully move into in the fall. As with any groups there are cat fights and drama and live triangles but hey it’s college and you only live once Simone finds a bottle that causes some big side effects. Breast expansion Weight Gain m/f growth. Muscle growth.

Jenny 5”4 brunette. A cup thick legs from playing soccer for years and a medium size butt
she’s nice and sweet and a genuinely awesome person. She always wanted larger breasts and has a total size fetish when it comes to guys.

Sara 5”7 brunette c cup. She is a workout warrior firm legs and tight butt. She does CrossFit and weight lifts. She is obsessed with being the best at everything she does. She is currently dating Joe who is Jenny’s ex

Joe the lone guy in the group. Shy and timid he got drug into this because of his crazy girflriend Sara. She wears in the pants in the relationship. He is 6”1 and 200 pounds so a bit of a bean poll. He does have a very large 8” member probably why Sara likes him so much. He still thinks about Jenny all the time but he loves big tits and Jenny was Definently lacking in that department.

Kelly Little Kel as she’s often called 5 foot on a good day super petite no breasts to speak of. Kelly had a thyroid issue resulting in a giant ass hips and thighs. She only weighs 110 pounds but 20 of it is in her backside. Kelly has never had a boyfriend being short has made her the shy quiet one of the group. Very pretty with bright blue eyes and long blonde hair.

Cassidy. 5”5 blonde hair. There’s always one In the group and Cassidy is it the Bimbo. Weighing only 100 pounds but having the biggest breasts at a staggering 34ddd Cassidy is used to ppl doing everything for her. She doesn’t workout so she’s by far the weakest and laziest of the group. She’s destined to be a trophy wife one day and that’s about it. Her claim to fame is always her big breasts and she uses them to her full advantage. She is the definition of tits on a stick

Dana 5”1 200pounds of Tons of fun. Dana has always struggled with her weight ever since playing spots in high school. She’s the groups fat kid. She is always down for whatever happens next and other then Cassidy is by far the biggest slut in the group. Dana is thick all over with 38dcups and wide ass and bubble butt to match. She’s also the redhead in the group. Dana once tackled Joe and tried to have her way with him just to prove how weak he was. She’s a firecracker thru and thru and the ultimate wild card in any situation. Did I mention she’s also bi and has a crush on Cassidy.

The stage is set off to the house we go....
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