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An app that can change anyone’s personality to what you want.
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Chapter 2


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You walk into your dads office, where he’s just sitting there drawing plans. You plan to just walk up to him and say you need a picture for a school project about your parents occupation and this is the perfect scenario.

Alex: Hey dad?
Dad: Whats up bud?
Alex: Can I take a picture of you for a project in school, it’s about your parents career and you seem to be in the perfect position.
Dad: Dont lie, it’s because your teachers think I’m sexy.
Alex: Shut up dad haha.
Dad: All right then, fire away!

What do you change his personality to?
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have these choices:

1.   Super Flamboyantly Gay *

2.   Stuffer *

3.   Body Builder *

4.   E-boy *

5.   Other

* indicates the next chapter is blank and needs to be created.
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