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  1. Rough day
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Ready fellow freshman to embark a journey of small proportion of size? No? Too Bad.
Chapter 1

Rough day

    by: CMwrite   More by this author
In the large massive school that is Grimwall Highschool, Alex Wells was walking through the school halls. He only been to this school for two weeks and he's still trying to get used to this school. He remembers how he first enter the school the first day, surprise to see it as a massive academy like area that one would easily mistaken for some kind of small college campus where even students like Alex can live in a building just outside the main school building itself, yet surprisingly is indeed a high school. he also heard how this school is a little difficult to get into, in that you either have to be great in some kind of academic study to get enroll, or have lots of money to pay a fee, that latter surprisingly having the lowest amount of students that went with that method compare to the rest. Alex was kind of that latter of the students that got here, mainly due to dumb luck on his parents being the ones that manages to get him enrolled into the classroom, so he really doesn't excelled in some academic activity, pretty average like most people. With that said, Alex does his best to get by with what he can at this school, whether by being part of class activity, avoiding certain students, talking to teachers or the principle for assistants, so far its been a rather regular school life to say the least for Alex. However, today that was going to change for him.

It was the middle of the afternoon, school still in session with students either going to their next class, leaving the classroom or going to lunch or break. Alex was leaving his classroom and about to head towards his lunch break, giving him about an hour before having to go to his next class. However, as he was walking down the hall where not too many students are walking at this time, he notices a door open that leads into the science room. Normally he would ignore it, thinking that the teacher is out for something, but just as he passes by the door, in the corner of his eye, he spots something in the middle of the room, an odd remote that is flashing. He can't help but wonder if maybe the remote is maybe someone project, and yet, he peeks inside and sees no one inside the room. School regulation states that if anyone is doing experiment inside the science room, they must be present until the experiment is completely done or at least lock the door to make sure no one gets inside. No one is inside and the door isn't lock, so Alex couldn't help but wonder he was careless to leave the door open. Touching the handle, he sees why as the door handle is a little busted, so whoever tried to lock the door probably didn't notices the door open on its on when they left.

Not wanting to leave the door open, but also curious as to what the remote is, Alex decides to step inside the room, locking the door in the process. He walks towards the remote, examining it as he wonder what exactly it is. So far, the remote doesn't look too special compare to any other tv remote. There are buttons at the bottom half, a up and down arrow at the top with screen next to it that say 100% power. Alex picks the remote up and presses some button to see if the remote does anything, not thinking of the consequences of what might happen if the remote gets broken before whoever owns the remote comes back. He continues to press more button, soon pressing one of the arrows buttons, the down arrow, before one button flashes up red at the bottom. Alex, somewhat cautiously, presses the button, not anticipating what happens next. The remote glows a bit before shooting out a laser out from the front of it, causing Alex to jump a bit as the beam bounces off a nearby mirror and made its way directly back at Alex. Alex panics as he felt his body engulf in light, feeling a tingling sensation throughout his body, before the sensation ended, and he soon found himself in a new surround. Or int this case, a different view of his surrounding.

"W-What the?!" Shock and awe, Alex finds himself still in the science room, but its now at a far more larger size than a second ago. Everything in the room is massive, the tables looming over like mountains, the lab equipment that can be seen far in the distant, the tiny cracks on the floor and walls that are very small for people to see, everything is gigantic. Alex panics as he turns his head and sees a massive metal silver like wall standing tall near him, which turns out to be nothing more than a dime laying flat. Alex couldn't believe his eyes, realizing that somehow, the remote he was messing with shrunk him to the size of a very tiny ant, about 1/10 of an inch.

Alex panics as he notices that he doesn't have the remote in his hands. He looks around, trying to figure out where it went. It then hits him that when he jump from seeing the laser beam getting shot out from the remote, he must have dropped it before the beam bounced back towards him. He looks around and soon sees a towering device that feels a as tall as a skyscraper in the distant, the remote laying on the floor. Right here, Alex couldn't believe the situation he is in now. He is shrunk to a very tiny size, and the remote is as tall as a skyscraper while laying flat. There was no way Alex could push the buttons on the remote to grow him back to normal size. He will need help somehow, maybe by someone outside the room or maybe the owner themselves, whoever they are. The problem is that He will have to get their attention first, and at his size, there is no telling if he can get someone to recognize him to help him. Still, he needs to think of something.

After a minute of thinking....
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