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Ready fellow freshman to embark a journey of small proportion of size? No? Too Bad.
This choice: Alex decides to risk venturing out into the halls to find anyone to help him · Go Back...
Chapter 2

Alex decides to risk venturing out into the hal...

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Alex decides that his best option, other then wait for who knows how long for the owner to return, would probably be that to try to get someone outside the room. Its going to be very risky, but at this point, Alex may have risk it to get back to normal, as he doesn't know if the owner of the remote will return at all in the next hour or someone else will come across the remote. It took him a while the trek across the floor, about ten minutes to be honest, before he finally made it to the door. He couldn't help but feel intimidated of its sheer size, making him worry how massive everyone outside will look like. With his tiny size, he is able to walk underneath the door space, and is soon greeted by the answer he is afraid to see as he was about to walk out the door, only to almost get slam by a massive rubber wall that slams right in front of him. Alex fell on his back as he panics of the sight, wonder what it was that almost crushed him. It didn't take him long to see the answer as all he had to look up, and is terrified on the spot, seeing that he is in fact starring at the rubber sole of someone's shoe. He only had to look up and see the owner.

High above him, was none other than Diana Grams herself, wearing a blue short sleeve blouse, loose jeans, and grey converse shoes. Diana was already a tall girl, but at Alex's new size, she is absurdly massive, practically dwarfing a mountain by the height up to her chest alone. Alex didn't know how to process all of this as the massive girl continues to walk forward, her foot slamming for what felt like a mile away, causing the ground to shake on the spot. Alex had a cold sweat on the back of his neck as he can't help but stare at Diana's size, scared of the idea of climbing her. Sadly for Alex, it isn't just Diana that is massive as well.

Down the hallway, Alex can see other people, one of them being Becky, wearing a green shirt with a light yellow jacket, a white skirt that goes down to her knee, and brown boots. She seems to be focusing on reading a book as she always does, but she doesn't appears to be in a rush to go anywhere.

Another person to walk by, and someone Alex is now extremely scare of her size far more than Diana, is Principle Ellanor. She seems to be wearing a black vest with a pocket on it, a red undershirt, a grey dress that goes to her shin and black mary janes. Alex was scare to see the principle at this size, as he already thought the principle as some mini giantess with her tall height and his small size, but at this point, she's making Diana looking like a better option to scale.

Alex doesn't know who he should get the attention of in this hallway right now, as the three people are all smart woman, which means surely one of them might be able to help Alex if he can get their attention. Only problem being that they all have a small trait that makes Alex very hesitant risk climbing any of them. Ellanor's sheer size to tower over the tallest person, Becky's fear of bugs that would make Alex nervous that he might get mistaken for one, the only one that seems promising to climb is Diana, but the major problem is that he doesn't know if she'll even bother to help him in the first place. For all Alex knows, she might use him as a lab rat or use the remote to perform experiments instead. Still, Alex has to think of something before any of the woman walk too far away that Alex can't have any chance of catching up.
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