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Ready fellow freshman to embark a journey of small proportion of size? No? Too Bad.
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Chapter 2

Busted Remote?

    by: CMwrite   More by this author
Alex was trying to think of what might be the best coarse of action to take, as he doesn't want to go out into the hallway and risk ending up at the bottom of someone's shoes and becoming an invisible stain. He also doesn't want to waste staying in this room forever, waiting for whoever the person made the remote to come back, and that's if that person is the first to show up and not the teacher or some other student that doesn't recognizes the remote. However as he tries to debate, Alex notices something odd happening with the remote as he notices the top of it where the beam shot out earlier is starting to glow. He was confuse at first before panicking as he remembers what the remote glowing means from firing it a minute ago. The remote falling to the floor must have cause it to have a loose wire or something, so its probably got glitch into thinking someone pressed the buttons on it and wanting it to fire again. This is extremely bad for Alex as for all he knows, the remote might be program to shrink again, and Alex is at the center of its target. Alex tries to run as fast as he possible can away from the device's path, knowing the remote will fire any second now.

Soon enough, the remote....
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