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A shady company starts up a food service in your town.
Chapter 1

The Beginning

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Your sitting in your living room playing Call of Duty with your brother as your mom walks in.
Mom: Get ready soon guys, your sister and grandparents are coming over for dinner tonight.
Josh: After this game, just a few minutes.
Mom: Let’s get it goin, they’ll be here soon!

Your brother runs up stairs after the game and you turn on cable, flipping through channels and not finding anything. You hear the doorbell ring and anticipate that it’ll be your grandparents, so you follow your mom to the door to greet them. She opens it and sees a salesman with a logo on his shirt saying “Grubble.” You recognized this guy from the grade above you, but he got pretty fat since you saw him last. He was a starting wide receiver when you were in school with him, now it doesn’t look like he could run down the street; at least 100 pounds heavier. Chiseled abs and hard pecks turned to sweaty boobs and a huge belly. You saw his van in the background that read “New York’s Powered by Grubble!”

Salesman: Good afternoon ma’am, I wanted to tell you about a new superfood that’s been developed by a local company near Buffalo. It’s called Grubble, and it gives you all the vitamins and nutrients you’ll need in a meal, in just one cup! There are specific ones for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there’s even ones specificity for kids.
Mom: Sounds futuristic, is it any good?

His face changed from a smile to a serious face.

Salesman: I’m not gunna lie to you, it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted. You won’t want anything else after trying this!
Mom: Okay.. thank you.
Salesman: Your welcome, have a good one!

She closes the door and you walk to the window to see the salesman walk to his car. He plops in his seat and grabbed a pint of that Grubble stuff. He starts shoveling some into his mouth before he moves on to the next house. You were confused but went back to the living room and watched tv.

About an hour later your grandma arrives without your grandpa, she said his knees were hurting and didn’t think he could walk by himself. You had a double take when you saw your grandma. She had always been skinny, but looked a good bit over weight now. Her stomach was past her boobs and was slightly overlapping her jeans.

Grandma: Your looking good honey! Did you loose some weight?
You: Ya haha, a good bit actually.

When you started college, you weighed 180. After playing sports in high school and not planning to at the higher level, all you really did was get high, party, and eat. Your classes were all 100 level so they were easy As, which probably hurt you with all the extra time you had on your hands. The food main food court was a buffet, and you had a plan for 3 meals a day. The catch is, you could eat as much as you want in each sitting. So between getting 5 plates a meal, eating out, and drinking tons of beer, your first semester you got up to 208. You didn’t notice as much since your shirts still kinda fit and you usually wore sweatpants. You leveled out on winter break but when you went back you went back into the same routine. Halfway through the semester you had to buy new clothes because your belly was starting to hang out and they were super tight. You came back home at 242 and had a revelation to get healthy. You knew it was getting bad when you had to grunt to touch your toes in your fitness class. You heard people snickering near you as you looked in the mirror and saw your gut and boobs stretching your shirt out.

You started going to the gym every day over summer and got down to 215, then after eating healthy and working hard all sophomore year, you got down to 190. You got a little muscle as well, witch helped you get a girlfriend near the end of the year. So ya, you were looking good from where you were before.

Grandma: You know, this new food your grandpa showed me is great, gives you all the nutrition you need for every meal!
Mom: Ya we just had someone give us a trial, should we try it?
Grandma: Oh my god yes, it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted... do you think you have an extra for me?
Mom: I just want to try one, you can have the rest honestly.

You see your grandma walk over with no response and tear the lid off one. She grabbed a spoon and started shoveling it into her mouth. You were starting to figure something was up, and it had something to do with Grubble.

Mom: Alright, I’ll try some.
Grandma: Here, try the dinner one. It’s my favorite.

Your mom takes takes a small spoon full to her mouth and eats it with hesitation, but her eyes light up when her mouth closes.

Mom: Oh my god.. this is amazing.

She starts eating more with each spoonful, until it was full spoon guild every second until the cup was gone.

Mom: I made chicken for dinner tonight, but I might just have to call this Grubble and get a pint for everyone.
Grandma: That’s a great idea!
Mom: Here Jake, try one of these. They’re amazing!
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