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A shady company starts up a food service in your town.
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Chapter 2

Try it

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You grab one of the trial cups and open it. It smells like sour milk, and looks kind of like it too. You take a tiny spoon full and put it it in your mouth. Your senses explode, giving you a sense of euphoria you never thought possible. It was everything good you’ve ever tasted in one substance. You get a bigger spoon full, it tasted almost better this time.

You: Wow...
Mom: Am I right?! That’s the best food I’ve ever tasted!

Your mom goes on the Grubble app and orders a dinner pint for everyone, while your shoveling the rest of yours into your mouth. You knew if this really did make you healthier, you were gunna be a super human after a few years of just eating this.

Mom: Wow, look how cheap it is too! Only $4 for a pint. That’s robbery.
Grandma: I know! That’s why me and Harold got buckets. Only $10 and it’s 5 pints worth!

You download the app immediately, just because you know your gunna want to get it more often than your mom.

As you wait for your food to come your sister arrives, and shared the same experience as you and your mother. Josh, on the other hand, didn’t want to try it. He said he’d puke if he even put it up to his face, and wasting it was the last thing your mom wanted to do right now.

Mom: We might have this tomorrow night as well, what do yo...
You: Yes!
Josh: Ugh...
Mom: If you try it I bet you’ll like it Josh!

You finish your pint in minutes and could still eat another 10 it feels like. You go upstairs for the night to research this mysterious super food.

You go upstairs and look up the website, And you notice it’s just been established this year. You were confused to find that the owner of the company was the New York Power Authority, but were quickly distracted by the fact that they had a midnight snack pack available. You go on the app and set it to come at 11:30, after your family had gone to sleep.

You waited downstairs at 11:15 and the delivery was perfectly on time. It was the salesman from earlier and his shirt seemed almost tighter than before. You then realized you saw him at the beginning of the summer and he looked in decent shape, not wide receiver shape but no where near this.

Salesman: I have 2 midnight snack packs for this address.
You: But I only ordered one?

You then hear a creak behind you and see your mom walk down the stairs.

Mom: That’s for me actually...
Salesman: Here you go ma’am. Your order for tomorrow morning is in the system as well.
Mom: Oh, thank you..

You look at your mom in confusion for as second, but can’t even think due to the joy of having more tomorrow.

You take the lid off on your way to the kitchen and grab a spoon. You eat a huge spoon full and just feel a jolt of extracy through your body. You get you your room and start chowing on it, eating about a spoon full every two seconds. About halfway through eating it you felt like you had to pee, so you brought the container with you to the bathroom to continue eating it. You put it on the side of the sink and take your duck out to start pissing. When your done, you bring your elbow up to zip your pants and knock the cup on the ground. You grab it before it completely spills, but a good bit got into the rug on the floor. You feel this lust overpower you and bring you to your knees, and you slowly bring your head down to start licking and sucking the rug. You were disgusted while doing it, but it tasted so good you couldn’t care less. You notice the rug was completely cleaned when you cut up and and felt like you had to puke, but you just grabbed your cup and chugged the rest of it. You skulk to your bed in regret and plop your head onto your pillow, passing out quickly.

~The Next Day~

You open your eyes and sit up on your bed. You felt a little different but couldn’t put your finger on it. You touched your stomach and noticed it wasn’t as toned as before. Not fat, but a little squishy. You forgot all about that though when you remember your mom said you were having Grubble for breakfast. Your eyes lit up and you ran downstairs. You see your mom at the TV and two empty Grubble breakfast cups on the kitchen table.

Mom: Sorry honey, I ate mine and couldn’t help myself. Maybe you need two per meal to fill yourself up. You can order with my card since I ate yours!

You look at her in her newish pajama suit she got last Christmas, And it looked tighter than usual. It was pretty loose before from what you remember, but the buttons are pulling a little and the gaps between them started showing. Her thighs and ass also looked bigger, which you thought was weird that you noticed.

You open the app and order two breakfast cups, and a couple lunch ones since it’s on her card.

Mom: Can you get ma another? I’m feeling extra hungry today for some reason.
You: Geez mom, your gunna be 300 pounds by next Christmas.
Mom: Nahh, this stuffs so healthy for you. I might loose 30 pounds by then!

The food arrives as you fast walk to the door that your mother was already waiting at. You grab your bag and give your mom the breakfast one she wanted, as you run upstairs with the bag so she doesn’t see the other two. You get in your room and start devouring the first breakfast cup. You start eating so fast you have yourself in the back of the throat with your spoon. You cough hard for a couple seconds, but go straight back to shoveling. You just pour the last 1/4th in your mouth and chug it real quick. You noticed you were out of breath while already opening the next one, then without hesitation start eating again. You thought while you were eating if this was the best moment of your life or not, the feeling of true happiness you hadn’t felt since you were a kid was rushing through your body. This was the best feeling you’d ever had, and had no intention of eating anything else anymore. You then put the spoon in your mouth with nothing on it, realizing you already finished the second cup. It had to be under 2 minutes, but it was undoubtedly the best two minutes of your life. You even contemplated if it was better than sex, each spoon full was like a mini orgasme feeling all through your body. You went downstairs to ask your mom something and see if she felt the same way.

You: Hey mom, what are we having for dinner tonight?
Mom: You might call me crazy, but I think I might get that Grubble again. I feel like this food was almost meant for me, it’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted.. maybe ever experienced.
You: That sounds like a great idea mom.

You smile and leave to go upstairs to play video games with your friends, who you haven’t seen since school ended. You get into a game and start playing, when in the corner of your eye you see the other two cups. You look back at the game but it keeps catching your eye. Your k/d goes from 3.5 to .8 before you know it and you turn your PlayStation off, texting your friends that your WIFI went out. You grab a cup in the intention to only eat a couple bites, but finish the whole cup in minutes. Evidently, you saw the other cup and started eating that one. Half way through it your mom walks in, looking at you with puppy dog eyes.

Mom: Do you think I could have a little bit of that to hold me over till dinner, I did get it for you.

Your hesitant, but take one more large bite and hand it over. She just starts drinking it out of the cup, finishing it in a few seconds. As he catches her breath, she whispers “oh fuck..,” which was weird since she barely ever swears. You look at each-other awkwardly for a second and she walks out, and all you could think about was what time you were having dinner.

About 3 hours later, you started licking the sides of the cups for something left over. You walk downstairs and see your dad just got home for the weekend. He looked bigger than usual, going from slim to having a medium sized gut. It looked like he’d gained about 40 pounds or so since you last saw him.

You: Hey dad, how you been.
Dad: Great, flying to California and back was way easier with this. I haven’t had a flight that relaxing in years.

You saw the the Grubble cup in his hand, resting on the front of his new gut. You look at the table and see 3 cups still sitting there.

Mom: Hurry and get your cups honey, I don’t want to have to eat them again.. haha

You devour the cups in minutes, leading you into a habit for this stuff. You couldn’t imagine not being able to eat this for the rest of your life, and we’re content with just eating this forever.
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