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Chapter 2

white robes

    by: dave   More by this author
,,what the hell?" he said in a voice that clearly isn't his
He was too scared to even look down at his body, he instead tried to look around, noticing he was in his own world, a highschool at that. The locks of white hair coming into his vision annoyed his and made him look down
Right off the bat he saw two sizeable breats being shown off by the outfit he was wearing now
,,WHY AM I WOMAN????!!!??"
Looking further down his new female body was pale and pretty well rounded. The white outfit left him exposed to the breeze all over his body. The way too short skirt was the most annoying part.
,,How do woman even wear this stuff and feel safe"
Trying to find a mirror he barely kept his balance since this bodies shoes were heeled.
He eventually tripped on his heels and fell only two be helped up by a man in a
Who was it
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