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An anthology involving changes to people's body parts
Chapter 1


    by: Hobbitking   More by this author
Welcome to another Writing.com story about body parts. Here are the following stories:

Dreams Come True
Young adults in a small town begin to have strange dreams, dreams involving their body parts. However when they wake, they'll soon discover that there's something else going on when their dreams affect the waking world.

Something in the Water
A pool of green water suddenly appears in a popular park out of no where. Those who touch its waters soon find themselves falling apart. They can be put back together again even with other people's parts.

A Life Changing Game
A group of people play a dangerous game which involves messing with other people's bodies.

The World's Falling Apart
One day people start losing body parts at random, no one knows the cause or if they can ever be reattached.
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