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  1. Welcome to Wyrmwood
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For the students of Wyrmwood, one thing is for sure, you'll never be bored at this school.
Chapter 1

Welcome to Wyrmwood

    by: Johnny Foxx   More by this author
Wyrmwood University, the most esteemed and prestigious college in the state. Since it first opened in 1858, these hallowed halls have only ever been inhabited by some of the best and brightest minds of all monsterkind. But recently, the board has decided to open the university's gates to potential human students as well, for the first time in the campuses history. The new semester has just begun, and hundreds of students, old and new, are now making themselves comfortable and getting aquatinted with their new roommates.

Now, whom shall you follow?
Where will this interactive story go?

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1.   Male Human

2.   Female Human

3.   Male Monster

4.   Female Monster

5.   Alternatives

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