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Monsters run this town. Rule as one! Or, be a human trying to survive. 780+ views

Monsters run this town. Rule as one! Or, be a human trying to survive. 780+ views

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Rampage City! A nice place to visit - if you're a Monster!

Monsters can do whatever they want to the nearby humans, with almost no consequences, save the usual police, and the serial escalation that tends to result as they increase the body count, if they prove to be Evil.

Their biggest threat - the Good Monsters, who use their powers to help protect humans, and get help from them in return.

When two Monsters brawl, only one will walk away, and the other will die.......

Just to respawn at their home base, for this is but a MMOP roleplaying game, called Rampage City! Monsters Rule! Rated M for Mature.

Players get to create monsters, and can choose to become Devourers, or Saviors.

Devourers see the NPC humans as nothing more than playthings, and tend to do whatever they want to them, and anything goes - eat them, maim them, throw them around, and almost anything else, because, yep, there's a button for those sorts of things too, including things deemed rude and crude by most, especially if the monster has a power related to the ability. They like to destroy things whenever they can.

Saviors, for the most part, try to help the human NPCs, well, at least those not marked as Enemies, like Hostile Criminals - no real guilt in killing/eating those ones. Saviors are less likely to be chased by the police in that case, providing that it's done to Violent and Hostile Criminals - sometimes the Police will toss tied up Hostile Criminals to Saviors to do with as they wish. That being said, they are free to do what they want, and just like with Devours, there's a button for those sorts of things, and powers related to them. Saviors use them more responsibly though.

Most NPCs are humans that fill in the role of everyday folk, from office and store workers, to librarians, to museum workers, to police, to doctors, to criminals of all sorts. They can be saved, or devoured. They also respawn. The more they interact with a Savior, or Devourer, the more they can do. A Savior on good terms with an NPC storekeeper is more likely to be welcomed into the place, perhaps even getting discounts, even more so if they protect the place from Hostiles. As for a Devourer that has repeatedly raided the place and eaten the shopkeeper, they get welcomed with a shotgun blast, plus a Wanted Level. They also have a decent amount of intelligence, potentially making fights with them difficult. Sometimes an NPC human can kill a Player Monster. Other NPCs happen to be Monsters, filling the role of Devourer or Savior during Monster Brawls that don't have enough Players on either side, albeit, they are simply the Base version of the Monster, unless a Mission dictates otherwise. Most NPCs are friendly with each other, outside of Scripted Events or Missions - it's possible to find Police, Criminal, and Monster NPCs engaged in friendly chit-chat for instance, unless a Mission involving them is activated. For an NPC, it's all part of the Job, and they don't hold hard feelings towards one another.

Monster Players, both Devourers and Saviors, can increase their abilities by repeatedly doing them, or by doing missions. Skills include the following -

Diplomacy - ask nicely for something, and you might get a nice response, even if it is a No.

Intimidation - scare folks into doing what one wants, or just plain cause them to whimper at you.

Climb - the more one climbs, the better they can do so, especially if there is no easy handhold to use.

Devour - the more one eats more of something, the more health that they can get from it. Eat enough Armored Hostiles, and one can get a boost to their Max Hit Points.

Other skills also level up similarly - use firearms frequently, become a better shot. Throw garbage cans and such, become better with throwing and improvised weapons. Use farts to knock out foes..... SBDs anyone? Use a skill, and it will level up.

Wanted Levels - a Devourer causing trouble, or a Savior that has gone down a Destructive path, possibly becoming a Devourer, will attract the attention of the Police. The more damage and destruction, the higher the wanted level, and the tougher the response, from a couple of police cars, to the military, to even Player, or NPC, Saviors coming after them to do battle.

Rescue Levels - Saviors can also get missions to rescue folks in danger. The better they do, the more likely they'll get Police and Military allies during Brawls against Devourers or Hostile Criminals. Other rewards include but are not limited to Money, Super Health Food, Weaponry, to say nothing about Friends and Lovers. Sometimes the Police turn a blind eye to minor destruction that a Savior does, especially if they were pursuing a Hostile Criminal or Devourer during the process.

All in fun of course.

Rules -

1. Spelling and Grammar is a must.

2. It's possible for Saviors to change into Devourers, and vice-versa, although a Devourer has a tougher time becoming a Savior than a Savior does becoming a Devourer.

3. Certain Fetish stuff can be related to a monster's ability - just make sure it makes sense for them.

4. Any type of monster, or fantasy, or sci fi creature can be used, so long as it is reasonably intelligent.

5. Sex is allowed.

6. Death isn't Permanent - unless the Player gets Banned for Cheating.

Other than that, most anything goes.
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