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  1. Giantess Twins
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One day you wake up to find that you have been shrunk by twins
Chapter #1

Giantess Twins

    by: biggirl
Your name is Mike, you are a normal high school kid whose going to be a senior next year. Your life is great, and you have a small fantasy that involves being shrunk down, and at the mercy of a giantess. One night after looking at some of the giantess websites you decide to go to bed with shrinking still on your mind.

The next morning you wake up something seems different, then you relize you are naked and definitly not in your bed. Your laying on some soft surface when you hear a huge roar.
"Hey sis, i think he's waking up" You turn around to see two giant faces of two very hot twins, judging by their face you assume you are about 3 inches thats when you relize the faces looking down at you are none other than...

You have the following choices:

1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

2. Tia and Tamara Lowry

3. The Playboy Triplets

4. Twins you know

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